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The person in charge of the League of heroes responded to the MSI dispute: reasonable compliance!

2022-05-14 21:12:07Wandering star game information

Today, (5 month 11 Japan ), The official head of fist aims at MSI Chinese and foreign circles LPL To respond to all the controversies , To sum up : Compliance is reasonable !

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The contents of the announcement are summarized as follows :

1、 To ensure the health of all participants in the mid season championship , Everyone in the venue must wear masks , This regulation applies to professional players before and after the competition 、 Personnel 、 The cast and the audience . In order to ensure fairness in different environments , Remote entry RNG You must also wear a mask .

2、 However, because the above new rules were not implemented before the game , Therefore, it is decided to amend the provisions , Now teams can choose whether to wear masks during the game .

3、 Due to the problem of epidemic control ,RNG Can't go to Busan to compete . Competition officials support long-distance competitions between China and South Korea on infrastructure , And provide stability for all players 35ms Delay of .

4、 Although the referee cannot enter RNG base , But there are multiple cameras and a panoramic camera , Monitor at any time during the game RNG match , Ensure the fairness and justice of long-distance competition .

5、 Headphone problem , Due to the problem of epidemic control, the special headphones for the game cannot be delivered , The fist has asked RNG Use your own headphones . In order to solve the problem of earphone echo , Allow players to mute each other in voice software , You can talk directly in the competition room , So some players will take off one side of the headset .

6、 For the avoidance of doubt ,RNG The players only muted the audio from their teammates —— All voice communications will still be transmitted to the official referee of the event for monitoring .

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