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Sony's new ps5 has been registered in Japan and is expected to upgrade TSMC's 6nm process processor

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IT The home of 5 month 12 Daily news , Foreign whistleblowers @Zuby_Tech Recently, it was revealed that PS5 The latest news of the new edition , The message shows the new version of PS5 The model has been registered in Japan , Its code is CFI-1200.

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The media DigiTimes I have previously sent a report on PS5 The report of , In its report, Sony and its partners plan to produce new models this year PS5 host , The manufacturing cost of the new model will be lower , This will reduce the cost PS5 The price of the host , In line with the classic strategy of reducing the selling price of the host after several years on the market .

The media report also shows , New version of the PS5 The processor process will be from TSMC 7nm Upgrade the process to TSMC's 6nm process , And new PS5 The redesign will be the design of the internal structure , Instead of changing the appearance of the host .

IT Home learned , Sony first updated... Last year PS5 host , At that time, the host model of the new version was CFI-1100, It changes the structure of the radiator , With new screws and an improved chassis , It's also lighter in weight 300 g .

Overseas digital bloggers Austin Evans I was in YouTube Published a video , The video shows the old and new models PS5 Structure of radiator .


( On the left is the first Sony PS5, On the right is... After the first update PS5)

You can see , The old radiator has 6 A heat pipe , Very strong , And the new radiator still has 6 A heat pipe , But the diameter is much thinner , The area of cooling fins is also greatly reduced .

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