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Warner's "Gotham Knight" will be launched on Xbox / ps5 / PC platform on October 25, supporting Chinese

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thank IT Home of friends OC_Formula The clues are delivered !

IT The home of 5 month 12 Daily news , Developed by Warner Montreal studio 《 batman 》 Series of action adventure games 《 Gotham Knight 》 It has been officially put on the shelves Steam, Will be in 10 month 25 Day landing  Xbox Series / PS5 / PC platform , pricing 298 element . The official also announced 《 Gotham Knight 》13 minute “ Night wings and red hood ” Live demonstration .

Besides , Officials also stressed 《 Gotham Knight 》 There will be no in-game purchases or micro transactions in the , There will be no game damaging situations .

before 《 Gotham Knight 》 Of Steam The store page shows that the game only supports English , But Chinese support has been updated . And the game of PlayStation Store Page also from “ Support the most 4 position PS Plus Online players ”, Change to “ Support up to 2 position PS Plus Online players ” .

IT Home learned ,《 batman : Gotham Knight 》 Last year, 8 Month in DC FanDome Published on virtual events , The game is set in In the context of Batman's death , Four Gotham Knights : Batwoman 、 Night wing 、 The story of Red Riding Hood and Robin saving Gotham .

Batman is dead , A new and expanding criminal organization swept the streets of Gotham . Now , Guard Gotham 、 Bring hope to the public 、 Reorganize the police , And the task of deterring criminals , Then fall on “ Bat family ”: Batwoman 、 Night wing 、 The red hood and Robin's shoulder . Solve the mystery of the darkest chapter in the city's history , And confront and defeat the extremely vicious villains . You must degenerate into a new “ The dark knight ”, Try to avoid chaos in the neighborhood .

In terms of game play , This work seems to be about Akam trilogy and action RPG The elements of .

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