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How to use the modifier of salt and sacrifice

2022-05-14 21:50:12Wanderer star introduction

《 Salt and sacrifice 》 go by the name of 2D Horizontal version of black soul difficulty needless to say , I believe many players find it difficult to fight characters , So using modifiers can greatly reduce the difficulty of the game . Now let's look at “peizhaochen” It brings 《 Salt and sacrifice 》 Description of modifier and its use , Let's see .

 Wandering star

《 Salt and sacrifice 》 Modifier download address :, Extraction code :hz18


1. Start the game first , Open the modifier again .

2. Understand the instructions for using the modifier .

3. Open the main initial items of the modifier, and then use the sub modifications [ If there is no primary item, you don't need to open ][ Primary initializer : If on ... modify ].

4. Use modification [ Unable to open view modifier instructions ].

5. In the key position function, the number key is usually above the letter key .

Introduction to key position function

F1+1 Start life / physical strength / Location modification

F1+2 Infinite life

F1+3 Unlimited physical strength

F1+4 Infinite concentration

F1+5 Position right

F1+6 Position left

F1+7 Move the position up

F1+8 Position down

F1+9 Open resource modification

F1+0 salt +5000

F2+1 Salt is the biggest

F2+2 silver +5000

F2+3 Silver Max

F2+4 Enable role enhancement and modification

F2+5 strength +10

F2+6 agile ( attack )+10

F2+7 vitality ( Health value )+10

F2+8 will ( endurance )+10

F2+9 Exercise patience +10

F2+0 secret ( attack / long-range )+10

F3+1 faith +10

F3+2 Determined to ( Concentration )+10

F3+3 luck ( Prop drop rate )+10

F3+4 Maximum enhancement of all attributes

F3+5 All properties are set to default values

Modifier instructions

1. Applicable to non platform version , Before starting the game, confirm that there is no in the process ProjectMage.exe process ( If so, open the game after ending the process ), Then open the modifier .

2. Start life / physical strength / Location modification : Turn on when controlling the role . Position modification is used when the character does not move , After the position modification is completed , Move the character down .

3. Open resource modification : Turn on when controlling the role .

4. Enable role enhancement and modification : When controlling a character , open a menu [Esc], Click on player information , Modify in the player information interface . Upgrade or return to the main menu, re-enter the game, restore the default values . If the default value is overwritten by the blue slot , Go to the Obelisk to rest and replenish 1 The display can be reset once .

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