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Black soil black ant New Village

2022-05-15 02:12:06Game 369

Black soil is black , Ant Village 5 month 12 What is the answer ? As long as you choose the right one, you can increase the number of villagers by three , Some little friends don't know the answer , Let's take a look at the game 369 The latest ant village brought by Xiaobian 5 month 12 Day answer !

analysis : Every year, 10 The temperature quickly turns cold and freezes in the middle and late ten days of the month , The activity of microorganisms in the soil is inhibited , The remains of plants after death cannot decompose quickly , Gradually accumulate in the soil , Form a thick humus layer , The humus in the soil is black , Finally, a continuous black soil area is formed .

Ant Village 5 month 12 Japanese problem :

Black soil is black because it contains enough humus, right



  answer : correct  


 Black soil black ant New Village


The above is the ant new village 5 month 12 The whole content of the answer to one question every day , I hope I can help you ~

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