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How does bediwell use the legend of King Arthur knight? Bediwell's experience in using skills

2022-05-13 19:06:25Ranger introduction

   King Arthur Knight legend how bediwell used ? There are many characters that can be used in the game , You can try different careers , Here is the legend of King Arthur Knight bediwell's experience in using skills , Let's see .

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King Arthur Knight legend bediwell's experience in using skills

   Pioneer's words , In the later stage, it is mainly a sneak attack around the back .

   The long-distance movement skill can cooperate with the “ Displacement skill consumes yellow movement points ” entry , as well as “ Immune to opportunistic attacks ” Passive skills .

   To achieve very low consumption and large-scale displacement around the back .

   Then cooperate with the double damage in the later stage 、 Back stab injury 、 Back piercing A-level entries and so on , hit 20 After grade BOSS be benefited in every way .

   in general , Pioneer is a kindergarten God of war with low difficulty , If it's difficult , You'd better specialize in sneak attack around your back 、BOSS Killer route .

   In fact, this guy is a trap master , Not for just facing the enemy .

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   You give him accessories that add the number of traps and damage , Teammates all choose remote , Teammate equipment selection plus the number of monitoring attacks , After the trap is released, it becomes invisible , In this way, teammates will not block their sight when they are watching , If you have extra action points, you can mend the knife , Use throwing knife to attack far away and general attack near , The enemy can hardly get close .

   Only one skill point is required to learn active skills , Other characters need two skill points .

   Kay also has this talent , All strange panels , The defect is that you can't jump , In fact, it's ok , There are many places where it is difficult to jump , As long as the pioneer can stick his face and bow his hand in one round, he can jump or run . The gifted output character is actually a strong panel monster .

   Special tips , With a mocking character , Ridicule to strange reverse run , Then the pioneer finds a place to squat , Strange to be mocked by passers-by , Even if your character doesn't use surveillance and doesn't have a fee, you can make a passing hit with a white ticket .

   About the legend of King Arthur knight, bediwell's experience of using skills is shared for you , How do you match this role , Welcome to leave a message to add different collocation ideas .

   The strategy is collected from the network , If you are the original author, you need to sign , please Contact us .

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