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What is the vampire survivor script? Secret recipe egg sharing

2022-05-13 19:06:30Ranger introduction

   What are the secrets of vampire survivors ? There are two hidden colored eggs in the game , After inputting the corresponding key, you can trigger some special effects , The following small series brings the vampire survivor's secret recipe, egg sharing , Let's see .

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Vampire survivor secret recipe egg sharing

  1、 Enter... In order from the main menu Up, down, left and right esc enter.

   You can get 3000 Gold coin , Notice that there are no spaces in the middle ;

   Like a soul duel 30 Life .

  2、 Main menu input x-x1viiq

   You can unlock new characters : ghost .

   Note that 12345 Of 1 No LIli Of iIl.

   The above is the content of the vampire survivor's secret recipe egg sharing , If you want to know more about the strategy, you can continue to pay attention to Ranger , Here we will push the latest and most complete strategy every day , Don't miss it .

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