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What weapon is useful in the legend of Zelda and the breath of the wilderness? Best weapon ranking sharing

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   Zelda said that the breath of the wilderness is a useful weapon ? Many little friends don't know which weapons in Zelda's legendary wilderness breath are more useful , Let's share the best weapon list of Zelda's legendary wilderness , Let's see .

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Zelda's legendary breath of the wilderness is the most powerful weapon list to share

   The first 10 name 、 Sword of master

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   Master sword has 30~60 Attack power , The biggest feature is that the weapon is 《 The rest of the wilderness 》 The only renewable weapon in the , Wait after the weapon explodes 10 Minutes to have... Again , As long as players get this weapon , It can completely solve the problem of insufficient weapons .

   But unfortunately , Its attribute is a one handed sword , Therefore, the low attack power makes it only ranked No 10.

   The first 9 name 、 Ancient military uniform · arch

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   Very long range , Extremely durable , Can be equipped with any arrow , When wearing ancient equipment, the attack power can reach 79. High injury is king .

   The first 8 It's an ancient sword

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   With the support of ancient suits , The attack power of ancient sword can reach 99 spot , At the same time, it has the highest durability of the whole sword , This makes this weapon one of the most suitable weapons for windmills .

   The first 7 name 、 Meteorite staff

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   Although the attack power of this weapon is not high , But as a functional prop, it's very good .

   With it on the grass , It's easy for link to shoot , The ability to use bows and arrows perfectly in the air . But just because of the restrictions , All ranked lower .

   The first 6 name 、 Beast God bow

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   The reason why this bow can rank higher is , It has super attack power :32*3~32*5.32*5 The beast God bow can let you use only bow and arrow , Only 30 Beat the golden man and horse down in about seconds . But because of the slow attack speed of this bow 、 The reason for the short range , Let it stop at the sixth place .

   The first 5 name 、 Frozen staff

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   In any game , Skills or weapons with control effects are always the strongest . you 're right , The frozen stick is such an existence .

   Players just need to wave this weapon gently , Can cause a wide range of freezing effect , Control all monsters in range , Let you abuse monsters wantonly .

   The first 4 name 、 Snow sword

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   The reason why ice and snow sword ranks so high , Because he has the most efficient attack moves in the game —— Snow sword + Lift the bow and rotate .

   With attack bonus 48 Take the ice and snow sword as an example , Except that the first blow was 58 In addition to freezing damage , Every subsequent blow can break the ice + Frozen up to 154 Point injury . The damage of windmill whirlwind is higher than that of all other big swords .

   The first 3 name 、 Vulture bow

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   The vulture bow is the best bow in the game , There are reasons 4 spot : Attack fast 、 Attack high 、 A long range 、3 Continuous fire .

   The advantage of fast attack speed is that link can shoot more times in the air ,28*3 High attack can be used to fight high-level enemies , Long range allows players to easily attack monsters from a long distance .

   The first 2 name 、 Lightning staff

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   The only pure magic attack weapon in the game , Three balls at a time , Each electric ball 30 Point attack . With the effect of rain or freezing ( Frozen staff ), There will be additional penalties on both sides 40 Point range damage .

   Extremely fast attack speed 、 Expensive damage 、 Add the attack group effect , The second place is well deserved .

   The first 1 name 、 Beast God sword

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   With up to 78-108 Although the damage value is not the highest , At the same time, it has very good durability . However, the main reason for ranking first is that he is a sneak attack artifact .

   When sneaking into the enemy, in addition to considering the enemy's line of sight , Also consider the sneak attack range of weapons , The big hammer sword happens to have the widest sneak attack range , It makes it easier for players to attack multiple enemies at the same time ; The beast God sword is the highest output of the hammer sword , This weapon is for players who like to steal ass , First, make no mistake ~

   These are all the contents shared in the ranking of the strongest weapons of Zelda's legendary wilderness breath , Players interested in this game can pay more attention to the Ranger online game zone , We will update the latest news of the game in time , I hope that's helpful .

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