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"Yunding chess player Tour" 12.9 version strongest lineup 12.9 version t0 lineup recommendation

2022-05-13 19:50:58Ranger hand tour introduction

The game of cloud top 12.9 What is the strongest lineup of the version ? The game of Yunding is 5 Updated on 12.9 In addition to the balance adjustment , The dragon egg mechanism is also added , So what are the strongest lineups in the current version ? Next, let's learn about it .

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The game of cloud top 12.9 The version has the strongest lineup

One 、 White devils precision dreven

Carmel 、 Lu Lu 、 kieran 、 Lucina 、 Morgana 、 Ember 、 Oriana 、 Delaware

First of all, Baide should be precise , This version of dreven's epic attack enhancement tips 15 The point reached an amazing 90, At the end of the last version, white magic precision was very strong , Now dreven is greatly enhanced .

In the morning test, there are still relatively few players playing this lineup , But in the afternoon 3 After that , On average, a game is the least 2 home , And basically the first three , The intensity is against the sky , This lineup is more recommended by mo'ang. You can score in this version .

Similarly, the precise system lineup can not only use dreven C, Ember 、 Jess in the back row 、 Zeli are relatively strong , Eat points and Eat chicken It's also relatively stable , It's better to steal points at the beginning of the season .

2-1 l 4,2-5 l 5. It's not recommended to sell blood and get equipment , Transition lineup, such as geek invention / Bodyguard Yodel 、 Deacon man's knife .

3-2 l 6, Just add strong chess pieces , SANA narduke , If Morgana 2 Stars can also transition directly to white demons .

4-1 l 7, High blood volume can be considered 4-3 Left and right 8, The quality of the lineup is poor, and the blood volume is low , Just start big D Card transformation , Find Morgana 2 Star and dreven stabilize their blood and then prepare to rise 8.

stay 4-3 or 5-1 You can upgrade 8 Population , Big search card open 4 precision +4 White Devil fetters , Find all the pieces in the lineup 2 star , You can eat steadily .

Two 、 Deacon sindra

Card advantage 、 Brand 、 Gera 、 Cindra 、 Leona 、 Delaware 、 Zeli 、 hilco

In fact, the trend of this version , Hindra's relative restraint, dreven , The opening man jumped over to find dreven , Hang it up , Hindra release skill in the back row , Hit it once and it's almost gone .

Basically 2 Set of ideas , A set of open 4 Scholars use Gera and sindra to focus on Control , A set of abandoned scholars robot With a man's knife , Use the robot to hook the enemy's chess pieces , Come on , Avoid the embarrassment of failing to hit the skill of mercury Cinderella .

2-1 l 4,2-5 l 5, The transition lineup directly uses 3 Deacon +2 Scholars can transition .

3-2 l 6, Small D look for 2 Star hindra , open 3 Deacon +3 syndicate +2 bodyguards +2 Scholars fetter the back card 30-50 Interest chasing hindrajera Samsung .

Sindra and Gera 3 After the population upgrade ,7 If the population is too large, you can add chess pieces in the fetters or strong migrant worker Saina 、 NAR can .

8 The population is larger D card , Give priority to 4 scholars , Find delay and drive 5 Deacon , Come to hilko and replace Renata , Zeli can also replace the male knife .

3、 ... and 、 Geek raids

Jarvan IV 、 Britz 、 Ike 、 NAR 、 Hicville 、 Bron 、 Arilia 、 Jinx

This version looks like geeks don't change much ( Younger sister Dao's skill has been slightly improved ), But this version has more dragon eggs , Except that little dragon egg is a transfer , Others will give more equipment , With more equipment, geek's shield will be greatly improved , The meat degree of geek assault and geek 95 is greatly enhanced , More resistant to . In the test, geek raids will be more stable than geek's Ninth Five Year Plan . Due to the rise of this version of delavin , Are robbing dreven and precision , This lineup has few peers now , Eating points are relatively stable , But the ceiling is not as high as de Levin .

2-1 l +4,2-5 l 5, The working lineup seems to be the best choice , Geek Yodel / Invented bodyguards 、4 Haiduke .

3-2 l 6. If geeks can drive 4 geek , If hykes can 4 The sea 2 combat + NAR / Male knife transition

4-1 l 7, Find the wheel and turn it on 4 Assault +2 bodyguards +2 geek , no 2 The bodyguard didn't recommend going to 4 geek , The front row is easy to carry

4-5 or 5-1 l 8, All members of the big search card 2 After the star , You can basically eat points ,6-1 It can rise from left to right 9 Hang up hilko , Add mana to the wheel Prince

Four 、 Syndicate sniper

Dreus 、 Ash 、 Gera 、 Morgana 、 Oriana 、 Bron 、 Ember 、 hilco

Syndicated double anti high , Relatively speaking, it has an advantage , In particular, Gera and bulon have strong control ability , This kind of lineup with one row in the back , It can strive for more output space for Aishi in the back row .

2-1 l 4,2-5 l 5,3 syndicate +2 bodyguards +2 Sniper God transition is the best , Equipment gives priority to light language .

3-2 l 6, The best lineup 5 syndicate , If not, add hind 2 scholars . If Ashley has many cards and no peers outside , Then chase 3 Star ash 、 Mogana and Gera , Otherwise, it's hard to save money for a rising population .

4-1 l 7, Bet on Samsung card interest to catch up with Samsung . No gambling 4 Sunrise 7, Small D Card open 5 syndicate +2 Sniper +2 scholars , After stabilizing the blood, save money to upgrade the population .

Bet on dogs at the latest 5-1 After chasing out Aishi Samsung, upgrade the population , repair 2 Wind up .8 Population addition hilko optimal , Help Morgana and bron start

The above is the game of Yunding brought to my friends today 12.9 The strongest version is recommended , I hope this introduction will help you .

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