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Who is Goya in the glory of the king? Introduction to the new hero of the sand boat

2022-05-13 19:51:03Ranger hand tour introduction

Glory of Kings Who's Goya ? The glory of the king has just released a new hero Goya's poster , A little handsome . Do you really want to know the hero ? Now let's follow the Ranger Xiaobian to see the glory of the king brought by Xiaobian. Let's introduce the hero of Goya .

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Who is Gloria the king

New shooter hero —— Goya is about to launch the experience service .

Introduction of the new hero Goya

In the clouds, deep in the desert , There is a sand sea stretching thousands of miles .

There is a saying in the sand sea —— Don't offend that Drive The female leader of the sand boat , Her crossbow doesn't have eyes !

She is a newcomer to Shahai “ Tough characters ”, Carry out with drive and sweep 、 Full of courage ;

She sailed a sand boat through the sandstorm , The huge engine roar is a nightmare for other gangs ;

The speed of the crossbow in her hand is as fast as the wind , Saved countless homeless people tortured by suffering .

She had no intention of changing anything , But in the near future , The whole desert in the clouds will be changed by her .

Sand sea flying boat , Go by like the wind ! New hero , Has appeared .

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《 Glory of Kings 》 New hero Goya

The above is the introduction of Goya, the king's glory brought by the Ranger Xiaobian , Do you guys understand ? Also want to learn more about the glory of the king and the new hero , Then please continue to pay attention to Ranger hand travel .

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