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How to play duel on the first day beginner's first day introduction

2022-05-13 19:51:10Ranger hand tour introduction

How to play on the first day of duel ? The horizontal version passes the test Hand like duel will be launched soon , Many friends have watched this game for a long time , But there are also many little friends who don't know what characters and spirit beasts duel has , How to play , Now let's join Xiaobian and see how to play duel on the first day .

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Introduction to the first day of the duel

For the first time, chivalrous men entered “ Ancient temple ”, The most important thing is —— Follow the main line !

Upgrade tips : Don't be greedy for the convenience of good wine , stay 【 The current highest unlocked mainline level 】 The consumption is just enough to meet the number of upgrades , Save the surplus wine and save it for later levels , Small skills upgrade faster than others !

1-10 level : Unlocking function , Keep improving !

Follow the system to guide you all the way through the customs , Chivalrous men who like to understand the world outlook and game background , You can see the beautiful cut-off animation , understand “ Ning Nie ” The love story of ~

『 Skill 』: There will be 4 Initial skills , Experience the effects of various skills , For example, displacement 、 control 、 Gathering monsters, etc , If you encounter a figure that requires dodge operation , You can change your skills properly to pass the chart !

『 Ornaments 』: Accessories can be worn first More and more advanced , You can choose a good base jewelry first , Then wash and practice other jewelry attributes . You can see if there are any good entries to practice after you get new jewelry through customs every time , Don't underestimate washing practice , Washing and training is a great way to improve combat effectiveness !

『 Spirit beast 』: The most important thing in the early stage is to practice Xingyun ! Consume soul yuan , Improve your attributes , Unlock the spirit beast ! Where do you get the soul yuan ? The place of stars in adventure , And Xuanpu trial practice (16 level ) And bottle mountain hunting demon (19 level )!

11-20 level : Unlock play 、 Transfer options !【 a key 】

At this stage , There will be more and more functions and playing methods to unlock !

『 Ranking List 』: The ranking list is divided into combat power list 、 Gang list 、 Flowers list ( Players who want to rush the list hurry !)

『 The title of 』: Hui He “ Sending flowers ”、“ Good friends ” Unlock... Together , Send each other flowers in the world every day , You can gain strength and fragrance 、 Improve the title attribute !( Send flowers to each other every day , Happy you and me ~)

『 weapons 』: Hui He “ Armory ” Unlock... Together , Swordsmen can brush weapons with high quality and good entries here ~ Split tiger knife is recommended in the early stage , Can increase the enemy's hit damage !( During the early chivalrous adventure , There is such a Golden Legend , Will pass the picture without pressure !)

『 Xuanpu trial practice 』: This is experience 、 copper 、 Soul element 、 An important source of fragrance ! Every Monday 、 3、 ... and 、 Open on Friday ! Open for three consecutive days after unlocking ! here we are 16 Level chivalrous men must brush every day !

『 Life soul 』: This is the most important life soul draw card , The soul of life belongs to chivalrous men 【 The ultimate pursuit 】, Different life soul combinations , Can activate different binding effects ! It has also created various genres and playing methods !

( There is a super limited card pool when you open the service ,10 Even you will get a unique life soul ! Come and have a try !)

『 Transfer 』: here we are 17 level , Chivalrous men can start to think about which career to choose , Knife maniac can be transferred to a violent spirit official , Or gorgeous soul history ! The sword spirit can be transferred to the gentle SA flower , Or SA Mei's red practice !( You can discuss career choices in the comments area ~)

『 Gangs 』: Join your favorite gang , There is a way to ask for signing and incense , Get daily nurturing materials ! And hunting 、 Haicheng loot 、 Long reef naval battle and other playing methods are waiting for you to explore ~

『 Bottle mountain hunting demon 』: Here you can get merit by hunting monsters , Get a lot of copper money through personal and gang ranking ! Burning rhinoceros to lead the demon can attract the demon leader to appear , Defeat to gain 50 physical strength ! A chivalrous man who likes coming , You can launch... Against other chivalrous men Challenge , The loser will be followed by the fortune boy , As for punishment ... Hey ... There are also mysterious escort playing methods waiting for you to explore !

( This is the enemy haunted by our mysterious people , If you are lucky enough to meet me , I'll give you a little mysterious gift , Don't tell anyone , Hey )

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The above is all about how to play on the first day of duel , I hope that's helpful .

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