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"After tomorrow" how do riflemen play the best rifleman training strategy

2022-05-13 19:51:25Ranger hand tour introduction

After tomorrow How do riflemen play ? After tomorrow, the best infantry Gunners develop strategies . How should riflemen play well after tomorrow , Many little friends don't know . Today's Xiaobian will share with you the strategy of developing the best infantry Gunners after tomorrow .

 Ranger. Com 1

After tomorrow, the best infantry Gunners develop strategies

【 Skill recommendation 】

Junior Rifleman

 Ranger. Com 2

Proficient rifle skills can increase the ammunition change speed

Get the first chance in the confrontation

The ability to break the face with points can be used against the same target

Continuous stack damage bonus

Continuously output to the same target to the beginning of the sixth shot

The damage bonus reaches the maximum

Using a shotgun can be stacked directly

 Ranger. Com 3

Intermediate riflemen

 Ranger. Com 4

Destroy madman skill increases damage to buildings

It can be of great use in the shire town competition

When the medal of honor skills are full

The damage bonus works on all weapons

Is a good way to increase damage

Senior rifleman

 Ranger. Com 5

Battlefield medical treatment as a percentage

Improve the blood returning effect of drugs and food

But it does not include the treatment of medical machines and diffusers

 Ranger. Com 6

Pre emption can carry out ultra long-distance group control

The need to Chase When

It can effectively hold down the enemy's footsteps

Super rifleman

 Ranger. Com 7

Quick hemostasis skill can reduce the time of serious injury and weakness

At the same time, improve the speed of emergency treatment

So that survivors can get out of danger quickly

UAV expert skills can be effectively improved

The damage that drones can cause

However, the UAV needs to be equipped with the current version of the structural framework in time

And the cabin skills should be as full as possible

Rifle expert

 Ranger. Com 8

 Ranger. Com 9

( Jump suppression attack standing enemy effect )

 Ranger. Com 10

( Jump suppresses the effect of attacking enemies while jumping )

The jump suppression skill can be used against enemies in the jump

Cause more damage

The enemy can no longer be in front of riflemen

Spin and jump at will and close your eyes

Armor piercing heavy bullets can ignore a certain number of armor with probability

fighting Typewriting , A must at home

Senior rifle expert

 Ranger. Com 11

The accuracy attribute can offset the other party's misleading attribute

Help improve shooting accuracy

It is suggested that the rifle should be specially studied to 39 Above in order to obtain high returns

Drone pressurization skills can make drones

Gain the survivor's shield effect as a percentage

Improve the long-term combat capability of UAV

Senior rifle expert

 Ranger. Com 12

The lost and recovered bullets have the chance to return to the magazine

It can effectively save ammunition consumption

Use tumbling !

You can complete the bullet change in the tactical roll action

There's no need to worry about the moving position when changing the bomb

Super rifle expert

 Ranger. Com 13

The controller can obtain 23% The cooldown of the special effect bomb is reduced

Take a poisonous spider as an example

The cooldown of the point full controller is 9.3 second

What the non rifleman profession sees is 12.1 second

Reaper full level can be increased 7.8% Harm to polluters

It's right to type the necessary skills

Rifle King

 Ranger. Com 14

 Ranger. Com 15

( Fire suppression preschool )

 Ranger. Com 16

( After fire suppression )

After completing the level of vigorous skills

After a tactical rollover 2 In seconds 5 A little precise and misleading

It is suggested to use it together with higher vocational research

Fire suppression full level can provide

10% Critical hit rate and 10% Critical hit damage bonus

Critical hit increased , Fighting is easier

【 Add some recommendations 】

High cost performance, plus some recommendations

 Ranger. Com 17

 Ranger. Com 18

 Ranger. Com 19

Rifle mastery + Break the surface with a point + Medal of Honor

A pre-emptive strike + Jump suppression + Armor piercing bullet + reaper + Controller

( If the new currency is not enough, the controller can not order )

 Practical type with some suggestions

 Ranger. Com 20

 Ranger. Com 21

 Ranger. Com 22

Rifle mastery + Break the surface with a point + Medal of Honor

A pre-emptive strike + Jump suppression + Armor piercing bullet + Controller

Battlefield Medical + reaper + Roll over !

Fire suppression + Vigorous skill + accurate + Lost and recovered

【 Rifleman advantage 】

Individual combat capability is strong

High damage and recovery ability

Advance may be defended, retreat may be defended

Group deceleration can be used when the team needs to gain a first-hand advantage

【 Play summary 】

If the configuration is not high enough

You can choose to run with the team

The team can slow down and gain a preemptive advantage

You can leave someone to slow down

Retreat can slow down the enemy's advance speed

When the configuration is high enough

You can fold as many medals of honor as you can

The accumulated damage bonus is also considerable enough

The above is what I share with you today about the development strategy of the best infantry Gunners after tomorrow , I hope I can help you .

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