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When will the sand boat of the glory of the king go online and officially serve Goya's new hero

2022-05-13 19:51:32Ranger hand tour introduction

Glory of Kings When will Goya launch the official service ? The glory of the king released a poster of the new hero Goya today , I believe everyone wants to know the official service launch time of the new hero , Let's get to know the official time, Goya. Come on .

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When will Royal glory Goya go online

Goya's official service launch time

Goya will be in S28 Season on-line official in-service , Probably in 7 End of month The appearance of .

Goya should go online tonight .

Goya Poster

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Goya's design idea

narrative Design 」

Deep in the sand sea , A force is quietly sprouting ……

Goya with both mind and wrist , It's new in the sand sea “ Tough characters ”. She does things with a high spirit 、 Full of courage , The huge engine roar is a nightmare for other gangs , But it is also the gospel of tramps tortured by suffering . Goya's presence will rewrite the future in the sand sea and clouds .

「 Aesthetic design 」

Goya, who has lived in the desert for many years , A strong suit, clean and tidy , Full of rustle .

The device on her arm is her weapon, crossbow , After charging, you can turn the flying arrow into a burst arrow , Efficiently and quickly solve the enemy .

Goya's suspended sand boat , The fuselage is made of various metals , Unique in form . The sand boat keel is made of black crystal sand with anti sand characteristics , Let the sand boat float on the sand sea .

「 Play design 」

As a shooter, Goya , Driving a very unique suspended sand boat . Therefore, in the design of play , take “ Sand boat driving ” and “ bolt Shooting ” Make a deep combination of two points , And introduced... In the game for the first time “ Speed change ” and “ inertia ” The concept of , Bring Goya a new and unique “ Mobile shooting ” Experience .

Sand sea flying boat , Go by like the wind !

Welcome to the experience service , Appreciate Goya's style ~

The above is the king's glory brought to you by the Ranger Xiaobian. When will Goya go online , Do you guys understand ? If you want to know more about the game, please continue to pay attention to the Ranger mobile game .

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