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"Hell servant" blacksmith weapon synthesis conditions list how to forge weapons

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《 Hell servant 》 In, players can collect design drawings and forge new weapons at the blacksmith , These weapons have better attributes , Here is a list of all the conditions for blacksmith synthetic props , Hope to help you players .

“ These pages contain the Memoirs of neflett's great blacksmiths 、 Their character and heirloom .”

One :“ Unlike his young companions , Worker simian is not looking for originality or aesthetics in his works , It's a perfect balance , To achieve the best accuracy and efficiency . He can put any ordinary weapon —— such as 【 dagger 】【 Guard spear 】 or 【 dagger 】—— Become an extraordinary weapon , It only needs 【 A little silver 】 and 【 A little iron 】.”

Two :“ Master bisis is a blacksmith who serves the king , But first of all, he is a scholar who studies Spiritual Art , There are rumors that he is too obsessed with banned art , That led to bad luck . as long as 【 Two doses of iron 】 and 【 An owl bone 】, He can transform one 【 Pilgrim crutches 】、 One 【 The Lich grail 】 Or one 【 Ritual blade 】, And give them both disturbing and commendable attributes .”

An ancient scroll contains a scribbled message :“ The big boss said to zego , As the bearded old man said , If you want to fight the devil , If we take 【 Devil's teeth 】, Put them and 【 Purgatory ore 】 melt , We can even kill more Harrods , use 【 Beast axe 】,【 Torture cleaver 】 and 【 The murderous executioner 】.”

3、 ... and :“ The aesthetician sepson has a goal , He wanted to popularize the forging art of Nicolette to the whole country , So , He devoted himself to the final refinement of his work —— Even make those weapons not as exquisite as a killing tool . His specialty is to use 【 Three purgatory stones 】 and 【 An abyssal coral 】 To decorate 【 Arkendy weapon 】【 Bone hammer 】 or 【 Double edged dagger 】.”

Four :“ Come back from the salt grassland , With the ancestral knowledge learned from the blacksmiths of Albania and gokolkhaz in the East , Pious pegrak perfected his art , Decorate his weapons with ancient hieroglyphs ; Although no one dares to ask where he got it . He can use 【 Cobra venom 】 And from the 【 Gokolkhaz's paint 】 Let's make a difference 【 Caveman golden axe 】, One 【 Oriental Sabre 】 Or a 【 The blade 】.”

5、 ... and :“ Because he was driven to a desperate situation by the barbarians of the grassland , The Lord of abatahad asked the genius Youngor to equip his guards and archers , Because everyone knows that he is the best blacksmith in neflett and the prairie . therefore , use 【 Three stones from Albania 】, He can completely improve a 【 Tower guard bow 】、 One 【 Abatahad guard sword 】 Or one 【 Abatahad guard gun 】.”

“…… The honorable camisi aristol · Ipepinio messidas from 【 The archon took three crystal rings 】, And showed them to the fascinated audience , Then he sang praises to his late friend George simmas · Theomar candrimas · Sepahon , While stamping their own seal on each ring . On the first ring , He added one 【 Olive branch 】, On the second , He added one 【 Elderberry branches 】, On the third , He added one 【 Poplar branch 】. After deformation , His companions will carefully examine the three rings , Then he will be praised , Held high in the arena , And everyone follows his example .”

“…… The despicable Byron summoned three servants , And ordered them to give him their weapons . The first person turned in 【 Guard the Trident 】, The second person is 【 Knight Sword whip 】, The third person is 【 Lava mace 】. He's on every weapon , All smeared with 【 Devil's lung 】 and 【 Little devil eyes 】 A mixture made of , Reuse 【 Hell Torch 】 Roasted with fire , Turn these ordinary weapons into terrible tools of torture . The quality of the new weapon is amazing , In order to quell the thirst for blood by these three weapons , He killed all three of his servants with these weapons .”

As soon as the fragment goes on :“…… Worker simian's Apprentice , His name is albus , We know nothing about it . He has a strong jealousy of his master , On an important day , He finished his masterpiece ; One 【 Assassin's dagger 】, One 【 Bayonet 】 And a 【 The dagger of betrayal 】, He used 【 A dose of sacred silver 】,【 A dose of pure iron 】 and 【 A monster tusk 】 Made of . After nightfall , He killed his master with those weapons , And wrote on the wall with his blood :‘ Now I'm the greatest ! Glory to me , Glory to my lord Baal !’”

Fragment 2 continues :“…… then , Bisis, a master who has made great achievements in mystics , Degenerated , Trapped in the dark abyss of transfiguration . In the cellar of the palace , He indulged in the worst spells , Transformed a 【 Lich relic 】, One 【 Leader's walking stick 】, And one 【 Animal skulls 】 and 【 The former king's teeth 】 Made of 【 Big claws 】, To create terrible nightmares .”

An old scroll scrawled :“ Something went wrong. …… The chief's weapon , Like they can talk to me … The chief asked me to put my weapons and 【 Devil's tongue 】 Put it in the fire … So I let go of what we like , As usual …【 The murderous executioner 】,【 Savage Ripper 】,【 Torture cleaver 】…… Now the effect is the best , This is true , But the blade … It talks to me …… If I listen , She'll make me … Do real bad things ……”

Fragment 3 continues :“…… The perfectionist sepson who fell into hell , It is said to be associated with the devil baliar . In the evil ‘ Meat night ’ At the end , To his favorite ——【 The arkendy weapon of the sky 】,【 Nightmare double blades 】,【 Hammer of revival 】—— Painted with 【 Virgin meat and infant blood mixture 】. This is the worst atrocity ever , Also let him get after death “ Crazy sepson ” The title of .“

Fragment 4 continues :“…… In order to break through the boundaries of his mysterious Forging Technology , The pious pegrak combines several weapons made by his famous colleagues , To create some more powerful and unique weapons . therefore , He put the 【 The guide crutch of the afterlife 】 and 【 The remains of the hell of bisis 】 Combine . later , He succeeded in putting a 【 Summon murder cleaver 】 And 【 Doomsday dusk hammer 】 Bind together . Because these manipulations , Of course he was sentenced to death , The charge is complete heresy .”

Fragment five continues :“…… Although he helped abatahad's survival to a great extent and undeniably , The genius Youngor was still sentenced to exile , Because he continued the work of his crazy colleagues by collecting these blasphemous relics . therefore , They found a weapon in his remote cabin , from 【 Innoson's man eating snake 】 and 【 Innocent's bayonet 】 Made from . Some survivors of the expedition also talked about a huge animal , It looks like 【 One claw , With the structure of arkendy 】, When they arrive at the workshop , It escaped . They have planned some other combinations , But the scroll containing the blueprint was burned —— Just like those who found them .”

“ Do you remember the weak and sick servant ? We caught him stealing sculptures 、 The one with carving and cutting tools ? I saw him in the blacksmith's shop , Hold 【 Enozetak hot air branch Scepter 】, Put one 【 Ring hair mite ring 】 Throw it into the fire . I've stopped him ; I ignored the fool's idea , But if you see that fool , Send him away at once ”

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