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"Perfect world: Battle of the gods" advanced introduction to monster: "fairy tiger" is trained?

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   Monster as 《 A perfect world : The battle of the gods 》 The only tank class , Nature is favored by many practitioners . Today will be combined with the contribution of practitioners , Share with you “ Fairy tiger ” How to cultivate students .

  【 Equipment attribute selection 】

   Fairy tiger relies more on the bonus brought by equipment , Therefore, practitioners need to consider the attributes of equipment more , Try to build a monster's tandu .

   Attribute recommendation : Damage reduction > Block > defense > life > Dodge

   Monster has a devouring ability , This skill reduces damage 40%, Therefore, more damage reduction can be provided through equipment . Besides , When faced with high damage , You can also use the basaltic attachment skill ,20 Of a second 40% Damage reduction , It can be said to be very meat .

  【 Equipment making options 】

   Military rank clothes and trousers are preferred ( Therefore, rank and prestige are particularly important ), weapons 、 Hand guards 、 The helmet is recommended to wear Twilight orange ( Three basic attributes are the best , The second is double 25 Basics ).

   Here we should focus on , double 25 The foundation only comes from blue , And it's bound , You can't inherit gold to trade .

   And the cloak and shoes , It is recommended to choose gold or twilight orange . Gold dressing is to allocate resources more reasonably , Leave a thousand machine materials . Cloak and shoes are recommended to wear physical defense .

   Brocade bag and mirror are recommended to be equipped with double methods to prevent , It is mainly used to balance defense attributes .

   Of course , Physical defense attribute needs more than legal defense , The little monsters and most of them boss Most of the skills are material injuries , If you pile up high physical defense, you can resist more for a while , Create a better output environment for the team .

  【 Elves choose 】

  PVE Words , Choose Xuanwu goblins

   Xuanwu is very important for any profession , It can effectively reduce the fault tolerance of advanced fantasy or advanced challenge , Let team members survive longer at critical moments .

   Here are the recommended cultivation methods of Xuanwu , Full sensitivity can be considered , Put the basaltic core 2 Skills rise to 10 level , High speed up to 15 level , Agility rises to 20 level . In addition, wash the growth rate and agility qualification , Basically it's finished Xuanwu . other 6 A skill can be selected according to the actual needs of the profession , Even if you don't break through and don't play Neidan, there's basically no big problem .

  PVP Choose the spirit of taixuan .

   Because the fairy tiger is PVP The advantage is not obvious , More inclined to auxiliary positioning , Therefore, we need taixuan to cooperate , If operated properly, it can also bring considerable pressure to the opposite side .

   Taixuan also advocate Quan min to add points , The difference is that taixuan needs attack frequency . Taixuan's core skills and internal alchemy are the key . Neidan can refer to “ Dispel sleeve ” Lord Neidan : The power of dispersion 、 Circle of life 、 Soul of war 、 Subdue the devil and cut 、 Broken yuan strike . Skills can focus on : Fast 、 Dizzy combo 、 Toxic attachment 、 The damage deepened 、 Xiaomin . Other skills are based on individual needs . such , The fairy tiger is PVP You can control the other party's main output to a great extent .

   The above is all the strategies of this fairy Tiger , I hope it will be helpful to all immortals !

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