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Popular CP will officially fit! "Element Fangjian" Nini joins hands with the monkey king to bring surprises

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   Every time you meet a new surprise , Feel pure fun !Q ' Roguelike Strategy adventure hand tour 《 Element square tip 》,《 Westbound 》 Cartoon linkage is in progress ! Linkage limit SP hero 【 The Monkey King · The risk 】 Coming to the elemental continent , In the new team leader 【 Master Sanzang 】 Under the leadership of , Join hands with brave adults to start a wonderful westward adventure !《 Element square tip 》 Classic dungeon play , Combined with the character background setting of the cartoon , Bring you a novel game experience ! meanwhile , Much anticipated “ The strongest ” Elemental Nini , I will officially meet with Mahatma in the game next week ! A new adventure waiting to unlock , Go to the world of fun elements !

   Nini, the elemental master, came on stage Meet new partners, meet new surprises !

   Remember that natural magic is weak , Nini, the element master who explored everywhere to revive the family ? Next week , The brave adults will get to be with her 《 Element square tip 》 The opportunity to fight side by side in the world of ~ This man opened the biography of his ancestors by accident , And the elemental master who broke into all kinds of mysterious areas , Here comes a new adventure area , And met a new partner named monkey king , Start a new adventure to meet new surprises !

   In this new adventure , Nini and the monkey king showed a full sense of tacit understanding , And defeated one powerful enemy after another along the way ! And in game settings , They also do have a full “CP sense ” yo —— Nini is good at using powerful fire magic to cause damage to the enemy , And Sun Wukong, who is also a fire professional , You have the inherent skill of adding fire damage effect to the enemy “ Broken sky stick ”, It's a great adventure for two people !

   Monkey King Limited Recruitment 《 Westbound 》 Cartoon linkage wonderful continue !

   Of course , Want to gather together Nini and monkey king in the game “CP” Combine , Naturally, this time 《 Element square tip 》×《 Westbound 》 Comic linkage limited characters “ The Monkey King · The risk ” 了 ! This crazy warrior who makes good use of fire attribute output , With a “ Great ape soul ” Unique talent , You can gain high damage increase and your own damage reduction effect in battle , Lead him enough to face all strong enemies ! Now? , The recruitment activity of the handsome and powerful Monkey King is in progress , In addition to the improvement of time limited probability , Moreover, the subsistence allowance allows the brave adults to obtain their favorite heroes without worry ! As soon as the emperor of Europe sends out his soul , Non chieftains also have spring !

   Except for the monkey king , Log in this week 《 Element square tip 》 New team leader “ Master Sanzang ”, It is also a rare existence . This man has been seeking Buddha all his life , A holy monk who preaches only for study tours , Will lead the adventurers to explore the unknown , He who is proficient in Buddhism , Warriors with the ability to increase the damage of the whole team , It can also increase adventure experience and gain benefits , Greatly improve the exploration efficiency of brave adults !

   Nini 、 The monkey king is about to meet , Westbound adventure surprises again and again !《 Element square tip 》×《 Westbound 》 The linkage content continues to advance , After Nini, the protagonist element division, came on stage , This pair of popularity CP It's a formal fit , Brave adults can get two people in the game , And train them personally , Meet all kinds of challenges ! Mysterious and dangerous Random Dungeon , All sorts of strange things BOSS The monster ,《 Element square tip 》 The way you play makes you fresh , Every adventure can discover new surprises ! Brave man , come quick 《 Element square tip 》 Start your journey !

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