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Mobile TV: the mobile game "call of Duty: Theater" has begun the closed test

2022-05-14 00:32:26Game information - it home

IT The home of 5 month 13 Daily news , Dynamic visual confirmation 《 Call of duty : war zone 》 The mobile game has entered the closed test stage , The game code is “Project Aurora”, At present, you can only visit by invitation .

Dynamic visual representation :“ We and Project Aurora Our mission is through fast-paced 、 Accurate and high-quality big escape , Friends from all over the world 、 Families and netizens gather in a global community of different players , Provide a new game experience .”

IT Home learned , The game will be adjusted through a closed test 、 Stress testing and fixing errors, etc , Motion vision means that the game will be in “ After the closed test, open to add more players ”.

Dynamic vision 3 In June, it was announced that 《 Call of duty : war zone 》 Mobile version , The game is in 2020 year 3 Published in , stay 13 Attracted... Within months 1 Billion players . last year 8 month , Activision announced the establishment of a group called Solid State Mobile game development studio , The studio was established to develop 《 Call of duty 》 New works of the series .

Later, it was confirmed that ,Beenox、 Dynamic vision Shanghai and passive vision acquired last year Digital Legends Also in the 2021 Participated in the new 《 Call of duty 》 Mobile game development .

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