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Fair? "League of heroes" RNG club members sent a document to respond to the replay

2022-05-14 08:41:10Wandering star game information

at noon 《 Hero alliance 》 The official announcement of the event RNG Three games will be replayed ,RNG Club members and players have posted blogs , The content of the blog has only one expression :“️​​​ fair ”.

 Wandering star

 Wandering star

 Wandering star

After the event , Fist officials released another QA Question and answer , To explain the delay and replay problems .

Original announcement :

On the issue of investigation delay , What did fist games do ?

5 month 11 Japan : Fist games have noticed that professionals question the delay in starting a few games . We listened to the players' feedback , And start carefully examining the data recorded by the reporting tool . We are also looking for senior members of the hero alliance development team I With the help of Engineers , Yes ” Spatiotemporal fracture ” And network code optimization . We checked the server and client logs a few days ago , Look for any unusual events or indicators . We also wrote a - A questionnaire , Used to communicate with the team , To get information that can help us narrow down , Find out more about the problem .

5 month 12 Japan : We set up a local test environment , Used to simulate the network environment in the event . In addition, in addition to checking the network code , We are also interested in the overall Ul The event loop ( Such as frame rate 、 game Tick Code ) Reviewed , To confirm whether the delay problem is related to factors other than core network components . It is in it that we found a - A calculation error , It is considered that it may be the reason for the difference between the target delay and the actual delay of the player's experience . Through this investigation , We are aware that the reported delay is indeed different from the actual delay , This reminds us that we can solve this problem by changing the configuration .

 Wandering star

Why didn't fist game find this problem earlier ? Why haven't you been tested ?

Fist games have been tested before and during the game , Our tools and game tests also show Ping There is no significant difference in values . However , After collecting more detailed player feedback , We designed and run - A special debugging method , Then we found our " Delay tool ”(Latency Tool) The correct... Is not calculated and displayed in the venue Ping value .

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