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"Original God" has incense coming from the West. The whole character likes to tidy up food

2022-05-14 10:43:12Wanderer star introduction

《 Protogod 》 Youxiang Zilai activity requires players to make delicious spices and add them to the cuisine , Now let's look at “ Magic wine Qingge ” It brings 《 Protogod 》 Youxiang comes from the west to play a full role in food sorting , Let's see .

 Wandering star

Five stars

Night palace : Like snacks , I hate milk

walnut : I like boiled bass and shrimp dumplings , Hate fried shrem condensate with Qingxin

Chloe : Like bass , Hate crabs

Diruc : I like grape juice , I hate drinking

Four stars

Yanfei : Like tofu Hate to eat cold

Bennett : I like chicken kebabs with wild mushrooms / Barbecue steak / Stuffed chicken with sweet flowers , I hate to eat spicy Jueyun pepper

Toma : I like mixed cooking in the market , I hate drinking

Amber : Like coffee , I hate drinking ice hook juice

Xin Yan : I like oil and water / meat , I hate to drink pearl jade white jade soup

Xiang Ling : What will do

Five stars

timely rain : I like vegetarianism , I hate meat dishes / Fairy jumping off the wall

Ling Hua : Like to eat tea and make rice , I hate eating animal fat and viscera eg Tianshu meat

Shen He : Like noodles at home , I hate herbs

EULA : Like snacks , Hate thick soup

Eloy : Like nothing , Hate oslam stew

The July 7th : Like coconut milk , Hate none

Four stars

Diona : I like fish , I hate carrots and carrots / potatoes , Onions / Vegetarians such as tomatoes eg Eat Fengshen chowder

Kaya : Like sparkling white wine , I hate drinking grape juice

Chongyun : Like to eat fresh / buffet , I hate to eat Jueyun pepper

Rosalia : I like red wine stewed animal meat , I hate eating jam potato cakes

Five stars

Zhong Li : Like wine , I hate seafood

Abetto : I like dessert , I hate eating meat in large portions eg Pile high

A bucket of wild taki : Like lollipops , Hate beans

Four stars

Condensing light : Like to eat emmm Cook the old chicken and pig bones over low heat for a long time to make high soup , Pour it on the fresh cabbage with only the heart ( Chinese Cabbage in Soup ), I hate golden crabs

Yunpansy : Like to eat Tianshu meat / Boiled black backed bass / Dry pot bacon , I hate eating fried shrimps

Goro : Like cake , Three color dumplings , I hate eating onions

maid : Like to meet salad , Hate none

Five stars

Son of God : Like fox Udon ( Wudong with oil tofu ), I hate five treasures pickles

General thunder : Like dessert , Hate none

Carve clear : I like shredded shrimps , I hate almond tofu

Four stars

Fischer : I like summer palace honey toast , I hate eating sweet chicken

Lei se : I like meat and potatoes, but I hate vegetables

Beidou : I like fried pork slices in soy sauce , Mapo Tofu and other delicious dishes , I hate cold dishes

lisa : I like vegetable soup , I hate eating pumpkin

Nine Saros : I like to have a full stomach ( Rice and vegetable roll ), Hate none

Five stars

mountain elf : I like almond tofu , I hate eating Mora meat

Wendy : Like apples , I hate hot cheesecake

Qin : Like pizza , Hate none

Wan ye : I like fish , I hate rough food

Four stars

Early pomelo : Like to eat more energy, such as rice balls , I hate eating vegetable salad

Sugar : I like sugar , I hate eating mushrooms

Five stars

Shenli Ling people : I like mixed milk tea , I hate salty steamed bread

Mona : I like salad , Hate expensive (bushi)

Heart sea : Like egg sushi , I hate to eat dried and roasted fragrant fish

You can do anything

Four stars

Xingqiu : Like pastries / Moon food seafood / Light food , I hate eating carrots

Barbara : I like spicy dried fish , I hate bitter gourd

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