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What's the update of stellaris stars version 3.4? What's the update of stellaris stars version 3.4

2022-05-14 12:17:37Game 369

  Stellaris Stars 3.4 What has the version been updated ?Stellaris Stars 3.4 Many small partners want to know what has been updated , Today brings you Stellaris Stars 3.4 Version update , If you are interested, let's have a look .

Stellaris Stars 3.4 What has the version been updated Stellaris Stars 3.4 Version update

Stellaris Stars 3.4 Version update


   comparison 3.3“Libra” for , The most obvious change is the new addition “ Situation ” System . This system has been developed for a long time , Now it can finally be presented to the players .

Stellaris Stars 3.4 What has the version been updated Stellaris Stars 3.4 Version update

   The situation will have different stages of development , Sometimes each stage will have different 、 Gradual upgrading effect . Some situations develop linearly , Others will evolve according to your choice in the event and your solution to the current situation .

   The current effect of the situation and its expected results will be listed on the far right of the situation window .

Stellaris Stars 3.4 What has the version been updated Stellaris Stars 3.4 Version update

   The main role of the current situation system is reflected in the resource deficit 、 Planetary rebellion and mechanical rebellion ( need Synthetic Dawn Story Pack) Other aspects . We have also transformed part of the event chain , Switch to a new situation system to show . The situation system is a relatively flexible platform , It will also be further expanded in the future . besides , The situation is right for modder And friendly , So we have high hopes for the module production group !

   There are also some new events you have never encountered before , And after you come into contact with the virtual world, the virtual world Walker city-state ( need Overlord DLC) Will use the situation system .


Stellaris Stars 3.4 What has the version been updated Stellaris Stars 3.4 Version update Stellaris Stars 3.4 What has the version been updated Stellaris Stars 3.4 Version update Stellaris Stars 3.4 What has the version been updated Stellaris Stars 3.4 Version update

   Before , When the resource reserve is exhausted and the monthly income is negative , The output on the planet will be severely punished . This will have some bad effects , It may lead to a chain reaction of resource deficit : The deficit of one resource leads to the shortage of another resource , Eventually, the resource output of your entire empire will collapse completely . The other is consistency , This old system is not flexible enough , Not with the new national concept ( Such as “ Catalytic processing ” It's the first question ) And its combination , This will lead to the Empire in some cases from “ vanity ” Medium production resources .

   Now we have a situation system , The resource deficit will gradually increase as the deficit situation develops . The deficit situation will have some initial progress at the beginning , The bigger the deficit, the faster progress , On the contrary, it is slower . When inventory becomes positive , The situation will gradually ease . When the monthly income of resources also becomes positive , The deficit situation will be resolved quickly , And much faster than when inventory is positive .

   Once this situation reaches the end of the last stage , Default will occur . Default will downgrade upgraded buildings , And exert a weakening effect on your empire in terms of combat and construction . On the other hand , Demoting buildings will bring a lot of resources you previously owed , Give you breathing space to resume economic production , Keep playing .

   Surrender to change

Stellaris Stars 3.4 What has the version been updated Stellaris Stars 3.4 Version update Stellaris Stars 3.4 What has the version been updated Stellaris Stars 3.4 Version update Stellaris Stars 3.4 What has the version been updated Stellaris Stars 3.4 Version update

   At random 《Overlord》 And here comes 3.4“Cepheus” Free update , Not only is DLC The vassals in have changed significantly , The same is true in the game itself .

   Each vassal added a new vassal state contract , Used to customize each affiliate . for example , You can choose whether the empire can be integrated ( Now, in most cases, by default )、 Or whether it has diplomatic freedom 、 And whether it can expand 、 How much allowance or tribute tax they receive 、 Whether to participate in the suzerain war 、 Whether the suzerain state participated in their war, etc .

   All this is done by “ loyalty ” To balance , This figure reflects the degree of loyalty of the dependent state to its suzerain state . The higher the loyalty, the more likely it is that the affiliated countries will agree to less favorable contractual terms , On the contrary, low loyalty affiliated countries are less likely to agree . Low loyalty affiliated countries, once given the opportunity , You can even break away from the original patriarch by allegiance to the war .

   The landlord property

   Real estate is a brand-new building that can be built on the planet of a dependent country . At present, there are 27 Different kinds of real estate , The game ontology contains 6 Kind of . On the planet of a dependent country , Real estate can be built outside the opened branch , And similar to the division , Real estate can be a dependent country 、 The suzerain state or both sides provide resource output at the same time . However , Different from the division , Real estate can have both positive and negative effects on the loyalty of affiliated countries to suzerain owners .

   Subordinates improve

   In addition to the above new content , When the suzerain state releases its affiliated States, it will gain 100 Point information , And gradually reduced to the ordinary level with the passage of time . If there are no special circumstances , The affiliated States released from the star domain will inherit the origin of the patriarchal state . When the difficulty of the game is low , The affiliate of the computer-controlled player empire will not lose the bonus completely , And just down one gear . Besides , You can also build stargates and hyperspace repeaters in your affiliated universe ( need 《Overlord》).

   military AI improvement

   The computer empire will no longer like to break up fleets into hundreds of mini fleets , stay 3.4“Cepheus” Updating , The computer empire will try to achieve military goals with a full fleet as their smallest operating unit . In time of peace , The computer empire will take the initiative to try to merge the fleet , And in the war, it will also try to merge two adjacent fleets that may be merged .

   We also reduce the possibility that the computer fleet will repeatedly jump between adjacent galaxies and fall into a dead cycle in the process of trying to form a fleet .

  “ Be an avant-garde ” This feature has also received more attention , Reduces the probability that the computer fleet suddenly does not follow the player fleet and is distracted from doing something else , They will now concentrate more on following “ Be an avant-garde ” The fleet of .

   When 3.3“Libra” Military AI When war is about to be declared , You may receive a new kind of notice . This notification will only be triggered when you have enough intelligence points on the target empire , After that, the computer empire will begin to assemble all available fleets to move to the border . According to the intelligence level of the other party , You can also know the approximate time when the opponent starts attacking .

   The computer empire is now better able to deal with conflicts with natural disasters . We have added a kind of for the computer Empire to target ourselves or our allies, which is in the middle of 、 A new state of war in the late crisis war . This also means that the computer empire will obey the players during the natural disaster “ Be an avant-garde ” command , And lend a hand when their allies are attacked , And will more actively search for and destroy galaxies controlled by natural disasters .

   Star domain 、 Planetary automation improvements

   stay 3.4 in , We also conducted a round of general checks on Star domain and planetary Automation . The design concept of the new automation system is “ Most players will use at least one ”. So we don't expect all players to be completely satisfied with it and use the system from beginning to end , We just hope everyone will find something useful in this system .

   Planetary automation will have a new setting interface , In which you can adjust the option switch for each planet , Or set default values for newly colonized planets .

   The most significant setting is the planning type , This will limit the planet to building only things related to its type of planning . For example, a mineral planet will only build mining zoning and mineral processing stations , Nothing else can be made .

   Other settings are :

   Convenience : New convenience building , And fine tune the post priority of output convenience , Output... To ensure that it is not too useless .

   Rare resources : Based on the monthly production of +3 Build new rare resource output buildings for the target .

   Population assembly : New spawning pond 、 Clone warehouse or robot assembly plant .

   housing : Build additional housing in the form of zoning or buildings when needed .

   Building slot : When the building tank is full , Automatically build new residential areas to increase building slots , It is especially useful on planets that require many building slots, such as scientific research planning .

   Crime degree : When the crime degree reaches the dangerous value, build a new anti crime building .

   Clear the obstacles : When it hinders the construction of a new area, it will automatically clear the obstacles .

   Employment after death : Build a post death employment center on a planet focused on basic resource production .

   Psionic Legion : Build psionic Legion buildings on all planets when available .

   Star automation is a system based on planetary automation . Setting star focus will affect those enabled “ Automatic planning type ” The choice of planets , Make it match the star domain automation settings .

   Because in 3.3 After cohesion becomes very important , Therefore, we have also added a cohesive focus type to the star domain .

   Automatic relocation improvement

   stay 3.4“Cepheus” Updating , We also made some game experience improvements for the automatic relocation function . Like around the world 、 Gaia 、 Honeycomb planet 、 Mechanical planet, etc “ Ideal ” The planet gets a higher score when the population intends to relocate automatically . The type of capital planet planning also slightly improved the score , The newly developed colonies will have... Outside the planning type 25% The extra promotion of .

   The population will determine the goal of automatic migration based on which planet has the most vacant jobs , In addition, more consideration will be given to the problem of spare housing than before .

   The overview interface will subdivide the unemployed who are planning to move and do not plan to move . The Yellow briefcase indicates that there are people on the planet who are migrating to other planets . The red briefcase shows that you need to pay attention to the unemployment problem on the planet . In the planetary interface, there will be a prompt to show where these populations are most likely to migrate , Or the reason why it cannot be migrated .

   Giant enterprise improvement ( need 《MegaCorp》)

Stellaris Stars 3.4 What has the version been updated Stellaris Stars 3.4 Version update

   In the process of playing giant enterprises, a very destructive content of the sense of substitution is the input of ideological war . Why an enterprise wants to increase its competitors is really puzzling .

   stay 3.4“Cepheus” in , After the victory of the war of imported ideology implemented by the Empire of enterprise regime , Will lead to the goal ( Or newly generated ) The Empire was transformed into an oligarchy , And have the merchant Union national concept . For the establishment of hegemony launched by the attacking side of the enterprise regime 、 The same will be true for unconditional peace in the territory war that requires surrender and the inclusion of the children of our ancestors .

   besides , As long as the suzerain state is not a corporate regime , The affiliated country of an enterprise may set up branches in other affiliated countries of the same patriarch .

   Localization of Korean and Japanese

   stay 3.4 in , We also added Korean and Japanese in-game localization . We hope this will improve the immersion and fluency of these player communities . Problems in the localization of these languages 、 Grammatical errors and serious clerical errors can be reported here .

   New free celebration crest 、 Background colors and icons !

   We have added a series of Heraldry , To help you better customize your empire : in total 72 Kind of Icon 、45 Kind of background and 50 A national flag background …… Include …… white ! Surprised? !

   New free human beings Head portrait

   To celebrate another anniversary of the stars , We have also added a series of new human phenotypic subspecies , For the ruler 、 Governor 、 Admiral 、 Clothing for scientists and army generals .

   Besides , We also added human animation 、 hairstyle 、 Beard and eye color , So that you can further create your human leader !

   The above is what we bring Stellaris Stars 3.4 The version has been updated . Interested partners can experience . More news and content focus on the game 369, After that, it will continue to bring you more new content .


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