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6.2 original edition of "graduation clock"

2022-05-14 15:23:58Wanderer star introduction

《 Protogod 》 Zhong Li is a very practical character with five star rock attribute , So in 2.6 How to fit in the version is graduation ? Please see below by “kk99iiyy” It brings 《 Protogod 》2.6 Recommended for graduation accessories of version Zhong Li , Let's see .

First set : daily

Applicable scenario : The big world 、 Abyss 、 Most copies , And the online of such scenes

Graduation criteria :250 The above charging ( Add weapon effects 280 The above charging ),12S Seamless move , A big move hurts 8-10 ten thousand

Refer to assembly : A razor + insulation 4

Practical experience : Daily free movement , Online only need to put the column to enlarge . The cool thing is , Zhong Li Q A collection of large-scale damage 、 Petrochemical control 、 The shield has multiple functions , Once the big move is free , In actual combat, it is far better than long press E comfortable .

 Wandering star

Second set : extreme

Applicable scenario : Monsters produce less balls and do more damage ( For example, if Tuo ), And the online of such scenes

Graduation criteria :4.5 More than 10000 HP ,200 The above charging ,12S Seamless move , In extreme cases, a single person 20S The charging can be completed only by producing balls with three times of westerly gun

Refer to assembly : Westerly gun + insulation 2+ Qianyan 2

Practical experience : With 90 Take level ruotoben online as an example , It can basically ensure that the whole team does not need to avoid injury in the whole process . In some cases , For example, standing in Bennett fire circle, being continuously attacked by ice tail , There is a risk of breaking the shield and losing blood , But not to die suddenly

 Wandering star

The third set : Ice warrior

Applicable scenario : Zhong Lizhu C Any scene

Graduation criteria : One life Shen crane play , Man Ming Shen He graduated , Holy relic only looks at ice wound and double storm

Refer to assembly : Protect the skin + Fighting 4 Or fly backwards 4( It is not recommended to recall 4)

Practical experience : The advantage is handsome , The damage is enough . The disadvantage is the heavy cloud CD And circle , Not free enough , And you can't go online, you can only entertain yourself

 Wandering star

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