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Intel XESS oversampling technology will make its debut on May 20, and the game dolmen will be supported from the beginning

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IT The home of 5 month 14 Daily news , According to the Wccftech reports , The upcoming action role-playing game 《Dolmen》 Our developers confirmed , Their game will be in 5 month 20 Japan Support Intel at launch XeSS Oversampling technique . It means XeSS It will make its debut on the same day .

As report goes , game 《Dolmen》 Three oversampling technologies will be supported at the same time :AMD FSR (1.0)、NVIDIA DLSS and Intel XeSS,FSR Also promised to upgrade to 2.0.

《Dolmen》 Is a by Massive Work Production and distribution of hard core action games , Integrated into 《 The soul of a dark 》 and 《 Dead Space 》 Classic elements , The story takes place in a strange alien world . Players wake up from the frozen sleep chamber , All the crew involved in the operation died , You need to explore this strange planet alone , Among them, we have to take risks to challenge monsters in various forms to survive .

IT Home learned , XeSS Supersampling technology can be realized through the built-in... Of Intel Ruixuan independent graphics card XMX AI engine , Implementation is based on AI Accelerated high-performance super sampling technology . This is a new super sampling technology , It can make effective use of deep learning , Efficient synthesis of images close to native high-resolution rendering quality . The technology will be released this summer , Ruixuan A All stand-alone graphics card products of the series will support this technology .

XeSS The core principle of is through the use of Arc Alchemist GPU Of Xe-Cores Integrated on XMX AI Accelerate hardware to take advantage of ML.XeSS Will be fully compatible DirectX 12, And used in Intel Arc SIMD Based on Intel vector coloring language NN( neural network ).

With the original resolution (4K) comparison , Use XMX Of XeSS 4K Rendering a scene costs less than half . The technology also meets DP4a standard , This means it can be done without XMX etc. AI or ML Speed up the engine GPU Up operation ( Compatible with NVIDIA and AMD Partial graphics card ), And provide similar performance and image quality .

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