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What is the shape of the blind path? Raised blind path ant manor 5.14 the latest answer

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What shape is the blind track ? This is ant farm 5 month 14 Problems in day class , If you answer correctly, you can get a 180g Baby chicken Feed as a reward . So you know 5 month 14 What is the correct answer to the Japanese ant manor ? Next, let's take a look 5 month 14 The right answer for the day ant manor today !

What shape is the blind track

1. Have you ever noticed : What is the shape and bulge of the blind track surface in China

A、 Bars and dots

B、 hexagon

2. right key : Bars and dots

 Ranger. Com 1

3. Analysis of the answer

There are usually two kinds of blind paths in China , One is strip-shaped , One is that the surface is small and convex with dots . A bar indicates straight travel without obstruction , A dot or small bump indicates a pause , Round the corner , wait .

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The above is the ant manor Xiaobian brought to you 5 month 14 The latest answer of the day , The right answer is Bars and dots , Did it help you ? If you want to know the answers to the questions of ant manor, please don't forget to pay attention to the Ranger hand tour !

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