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What was the first green revolution in ant village agriculture in the 1960s? 5.14

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China in the last century 60 years Ant Village ? This is a small class in ant new village 5 month 14 The problem of the day , You can get it if you answer correctly 3 Villagers as a reward , So you know ant village 5 month 14 What is the answer ? Next, let's take a look 5 month 14 Japanese ant village answer .

China in the last century 60 In the s, ant new village

1. China in the last century 60 The first green revolution in agriculture in the s refers to

Hybrid Rice

Dwarf breeding

2. answer : Dwarf breeding

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3. Analysis of the answer  

analysis : Agricultural section — A green revolution ―― Dwarf breeding . In the last century 60 years , To reduce the plant height of crops 、 The first time characterized by semi dwarf breeding " The green revolution ", Doubled the world's rice and wheat production , Solved the problem of food and clothing .

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This is the little Alipay's little village class. 5 month 14 The answer of the day , The answer is Dwarf breeding , Did it help you ? If you want to know the answers to the questions of ant new village, please don't forget to pay attention to the Ranger hand tour !

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