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Light encounter where are the big candles on May 14 2022

2022-05-14 15:54:02Ranger hand tour introduction

Light encounter Large candle position 5.13? Light encounter games refresh new candles every day , These big candles are one of the goals players need to look for every day . that 5 month 13 Where do the big candles appear ? Next, let's learn about light encounter 5.13 Place the big candle .

 Ranger. Com 1

Where light meets a big candle 5.13

One 、 Large candle position

Today's big candle is located in Yunye 、 The rainforest 、 Tomb soil   Map

Yunye Hall ( Right side of takeoff platform )

Yunye Yitu

Yunye three pagodas ( The island in the middle ) An Oscar statuette

The end of Yunye ( A crack in the jar )

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Rainforest Hall ( On the right side ) Next to the stone tablet of our ancestors

The rainforest enters the fourth checkpoint ( On the right side )

Rainforest jellyfish ( In the first tower )

Rainforest hidden map ( In the cloud sea fat Pavilion )

 Ranger. Com 3

Twilight Admission

The first picture of tomb soil

The hill in the middle of the tomb earth four dragons picture

Tomb soil sunken ship stern

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Two 、 What's the use of candles

Candles are essential in the game , Is the main prop of lighting , If you don't have candles, you can only move forward in the dark .

Candles in the game can be used to illuminate the way forward , While playing , As we move forward , All other players encountered are a black shadow , Only after using candles , To illuminate yourself .

3、 ... and 、 recommend read

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The above is about the light meets the big candle 5 month 13 The whole content of the day position , Hope to help you players . For more game related content, you players can pay attention to the Ranger hand tour , Will always bring mobile game strategies to all players ! For more information, please pay attention to :Sky Light encounter topic

Light encounter
Level introduction   Daily tasks Green light
Disco ancestors exchange 1.13 Repeated engraving Location of Disco ancestors
Deep sea season The collection of ancestors Colorful flight day
Orange light Courtesy card Bow ancestors
Back hair Giant beast wasteland Red headphones
Light meets music score Xiaguang City meditation Holy Island Season
Xylophone ancestors Ancient battlefields Warm woolen hat
Blue light Demon horn Little white flower head

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