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Douluo continent 208 episode online viewing address Douluo continent 208 episode complete episode free viewing full version

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Doulo land 208 Watch the full version for free ,5 month 14 Ridura mainland animation update No 208 Collected , So what's new in the latest episode , Let's follow Xiaobian to take a look at Douluo continent 208 Watch the full version for free .

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Doulo land 208 Watch the full version for free

One 、  Viewing address

today (2022 year 5 month 7 Japan )10 Dot Douluo continent 208 The episode was officially released , You can go to Tencent video to watch ~

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Two 、207 Episode plot review

There is a character from a long time ago in the plot , This man can be said to be the strongest in Douluo continent at present

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The emergence of the king of killing is only an accident, but it is inevitable , Because the hidden danger left by Tang San to the capital of killing has almost destroyed the capital of killing , It's only a matter of time before the king of killing can't sit still .

The beginning of this sentence was just five soul Douluo in the Wu soul hall escorting hulena , I thought such a team should be sure in Douluo Mainland , Even if you meet the title Douluo, you don't have the strength to fight , But I didn't expect that the person I met would be the king of killing . The king of killing is Devil When the wings of the spread out, it can be said to block out the sky and the sun , Brought deep fear .

Tang San smelled blood from a long distance , The king of killing Yibo could have easily solved the five soul duels led by hulena , But he solved them on purpose just as the cat teased the mouse .

The soul Douluo who dared to rush to the king of killing was also killed face to face , You know, soul Douluo is already a high-end combat power on the Mainland , No matter in which power, it is an absolute high-level , But in front of the king of killing, it's like a local chicken and grass dog .

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When Tang San came, he saw that hulena was knocked unconscious by the king of killing , Obviously, this is also the intention of the king of killing , And hulena shouted Tang Yin's name before she was unconscious , It seems that she is also a little girl who has been hurt by Tang San . And Tang San and the king of killing fighting That's what's going on next .

Tang San's strength is still very strong , Although it is a soul duel, but with the blessing of the power of the sea god, the general title duel is not his opponent . But the battle between Tang San and the king of killing can be said to be extremely oppressive , It's just being hanged by the king of killing .

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Because the effect of the king of killing field , All soul skills cannot be used , This also abolished half of Tang San's strength , Although Tang San still has soul bone skills to use , But even if the king of killing is hard to resist Tang San's soul and bone skills, there is no problem , It's no joke that Douluo is currently the strongest .

At the critical moment, Tang San naturally used his strongest cards , That is the power of Poseidon Trident , But unexpectedly, the king of killing used Haotian hammer , And directly beat Tang San away .

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Finally, the king of killing changed his weapon into a sword , It's also true to collide with Tang San's sea god Trident , Tang San was seriously injured and rushed out , In the face of the power of Poseidon Trident, the king of killing never retreats , Even bounced the Poseidon Trident .

Because the weapons in the hands of the king of killing are more powerful , This is the strongest artifact Shura sword ! And the God that the king of killing inherits is the Shura God with the strongest combat effectiveness , Tang San is naturally no match , It's normal to be beaten .

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The above is Douluo continent 208 Watch all the content online , Doulo land 208 Set in 5 month 14 Japan 10:00 Start broadcasting , Hope to help you players . For more game related content, you players can pay attention to the Ranger hand tour , Will always bring mobile game strategies to all players !

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