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"Original God" has activities and playing methods from the West and the acquisition of Day1 raw materials

2022-05-14 18:20:16Wanderer star introduction

《 Protogod 》 Youxiang comes from the West. You need to find materials to make recipes , The formula for the first day has been opened , Now let's look at “ July break ” To share the 《 Protogod 》 Youxiang comes from the west to play with Day1 Raw material acquisition , Let's see .

Activity time

2022/05/14 10:00 ~ 2022/06/07 03:59

Conditions for participation

Adventure, etc ≥20 Seasoning can be made at grade

Adventure, etc ≥28 Level and complete the task 「 Gossip in the pot 」, You can make corresponding dishes and invite characters to try

Food Guide

1. front 7 God , Unlock a seasoning formula every day ,「 A seasoning full of fragrance 」 Make up to... Every day 3 Time .

2. You can only take... Every day 60 Raw stone , You need to fill up 420 The original stone needs at least 7 God !

3. Add... To the cuisine 「 A seasoning full of fragrance 」, Try it for the invited character in the dust song pot , It can increase the popularity of muscle characters , The daily limit 3 Time .

4. You can pick it up at the round place of the dust song pot 「 Gossip in the pot 」 Mission , Finish the task , obtain 「 Dongtian pass 」 after , To make the corresponding dishes and invite the characters to try .

5. 2022/06/07 03:59 after , Active cooking will disappear from the backpack .

Day1 Required formula ingredients

 Wandering star

Recommended collection location of raw materials

Peppermint is everywhere , Horsetail is concentrated in Shimen and Dihua Prefecture , Pepper in the type of Living Shop npc Buy from

 Wandering star

 Wandering star

The order of putting the raw materials shown above : mint → pepper → Ponytail

It needs to correspond to the position of the following correct raw materials , Point in , Before it can be made

 Wandering star

Make the seasoning , And then choose 【 Food 】 Use seasoning , Here you can choose 1* The food , It requires few ingredients and is easy to obtain .

 Wandering star

Finally enter the dust song pot , Click the role you have invited , dialogue , choice “ Please try this ”, Put in the prepared food before , You can get the role preference experience .

If the character is full of favorable experience , There will be hints. ,“ The dust song pot has been repaired for so long , Details of the roles you invited , It's basically full of good feelings ”.

 Wandering star

 Wandering star

The dust song pot is still under maintenance .... So there was no role in the dust song pot before , It's embarrassing now ... Although it's mosquito legs , But it's also meat ~

But also good , Raw stone rewards are all in making recipes , You can get all .

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Event rewards

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