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What's the matter with the original God? Introduction to the Pisces fusion incident

2022-05-15 00:55:41Ranger hand tour introduction

Protogod What's going on with the Pisces fusion ? Recently, among the original God players, the Pisces fusion incident has aroused extensive discussion , But there are many little friends who don't know what's going on , The following small series brings you an introduction to the Pisces fusion event , Let's see .

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What's going on with the original God Pisces fusion

The cause is an anchor ( The name is Pisces ) During the live broadcast , Said to help the list of the live studio to see the account , So let brother Bangyi scan a code , But this code was directly scanned by another water friend after it was sent out , As a result, the anchor logged on to the water friend's account .

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And when the anchor found out that he wasn't on the No. 1 List , I didn't quit , Directly means to destroy this number .

“ I want to destroy the number , It's really ruined , Give you a memory !”

Then he began to count the main equipment column , The host found that the anchor was not joking , When you really want to destroy your number , Immediately speak in the live studio and say sorry , Never destroy your account .

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But the anchor is probably on top , See the number owner saying sorry in the live studio , Ignored , And continue to destroy the ship , And directly express :

“ No , You want to grab the code yourself , It's your fault to rob ”

“ You like to take advantage of the code , Just let you have enough ”.

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Then he melted the water friend's only three five-star weapons , During this period, the water friend has also been knocking off the anchor's login account , But I can't rob , Just boarded it, it was pushed off by the anchor again .

In the end, there's no way , The trumpeter can only watch the anchor melt away his only three five-star weapons .

After that, the anchor felt very kind , Just say :“ Just melt your weapons , I won't move the relic ”.

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After the malicious destruction of the ship , The anchor was denounced by many players , Set your live broadcast account as private , I can't see any previous works at present , And I can't pay attention to .

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The above is the whole content of what happened to the original God Pisces fusion number brought by Xiaobian , I hope that's helpful .

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