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Tmall announces 25 618 business initiatives Taobao tmall announces 618 business initiatives

2022-05-15 00:55:46Ranger hand tour introduction

Tmall announces 25 strip 618 Merchant initiatives ?618 It's the middle of the year shopping Carnival , Various e-commerce platforms will also prepare many preferential activities , that 2022 Tmall 618 What are the business initiatives ? Here is an introduction , Come and see .

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Tmall announces 25 strip 618 Merchant initiatives

This year's tmall 618 The business initiatives share 25 strip , Covers financial subsidies 、 Logistics dredging 、 Flow subsidy 、 Special measures for the epidemic 、 Technology upgrade 5 In terms of , The measures are designed based on the actual pain points faced by businesses under the epidemic situation , It runs through the whole link of business operation .

In terms of funds , Taobao tmall will cooperate with financial institutions , Help businesses borrow money at low interest rates 、 Receive money in advance . In the preparation process , E-commerce Bank Provide businesses with credit loans with a minimum interest rate of 20% , Some industrial belts and public welfare donation businesses can obtain an additional credit loan with a minimum interest rate of 10% . In the pre-sale period , Pre sale merchants can enjoy free 100 A collection service of 100 million yuan , As long as the consumer pays a deposit , The merchant can collect part of the amount free of charge . During the sale period , Taobao tmall provides free services for businesses 1000 Advance collection service of 100 million yuan , Partial payment can be received after delivery .

meanwhile , Taobao tmall provides rich marketing scenarios 、 New interactive play 、 Flow tilt and precision subsidy , Support businesses to reach consumers more widely , At the same time, it provides businesses with a series of newly upgraded digital intelligent management tools .

In terms of business services , Taobao tmall rules will also be updated dynamically , Consumer complaints caused by the epidemic are exempted from punishment , Timely collection rate 、 Indicators such as refund and return processing will not be assessed ,“ Cattle scavenging ”“ Bad reviews blackmail ”“ Peer attacks ” And other risks will be intercepted in real time . Businesses misplace categories 、 Wrong price setting and other misoperations , Will receive a reminder or warning . In the past, problems that needed to be solved by human customer service , Now through “ Merchant service hall ” Self service processing can be solved in a few seconds .

In order to attract consumers to participate , This year tmall 618 Full minus from the previous “300-30” Up to the “300-50”, At the same time, it will be launched for the first time and enjoy exclusive rights in the live studio , You can stack cross store full minus . In order to reduce the burden of businesses , Taobao tmall will provide subsidies for traffic and off-site delivery , Back feeding related stores and broadcasting merchants .

Logistics services , The rookie will sink the pre-sale goods to the express station nearest to the consumer in advance , At the same time, provide epidemic delivery response plans for warehoused businesses . Tmall global cross-border merchants can access... For free “ Import bonded delivery service for rookies ”, Send... Directly through a rookie ( Dan bird ) Provide door-to-door service for consumers , And can choose more places to choose flexible location and warehousing , One click transfer between different warehouses .

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The above is about tmall's announcement 25 strip 618 The relevant contents of the merchant's measures introduce , I hope that's helpful . For more information, please pay attention to : Taobao topic

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