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"Glory of the king" 520 skin update 2022 what skin will appear on May 20, 2022

2022-05-15 00:55:51Ranger hand tour introduction

Glory of Kings 2022 year 5 month 20 Sunrise what skin ? It's coming soon 5 month 20 Japan , There's a new skin at this time of year , So what skin will appear this year ? Now I've brought you 520 Skin update , Come and have a look if you want to know .

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Glory of Kings 520 Skin update 2022

One 、520 Skin message

Sun CE and Big Joe's couple's skin Will be in 520 During the launch , The skin theme belongs to western wedding , The style should be similar to Xiao Qiao's pure white flower wedding , After all, big and small Joe are sisters .

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at present , Sun ce & Joe's new skin has been exposed by players , Sun CE is wearing a white dress , Big Joe is wearing a purple and white wedding dress , Two hands holding hands , Very sweet , And there's a white horse behind it , It should be pulling a wedding car .

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Sum up , Sun ce & Big Joe's second couple skin is expected to be in 5 month 20 It's on the shelves , Because sun CE recently launched a legendary skin , So this time the skin may be epic quality , First week discount 710 point , And Big Joe's skin may be a legendary quality , First week discount 1430 Counting coupons or 1350 point .

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The above is the glory of the king 520 Skin update 2022 The whole content of , I hope that's helpful .

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