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Xu Qing studio responded to the film Qingmian Shura changing face. Xu Qing studio denied being blocked

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Xu Qing studio denied being blocked ? Recently, Xu Qing's face was changed in the film qingmianshura, which has attracted a lot of attention , Want to know why , Xu Qing studio also responded , Come and have a look if you want to know .

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Xu Qing studio denied being blocked

One 、 Scanning

5 month 13 Japan , By Feng Shaofeng 、 Movies starring Hu Jun and others 《 Green face Shura 》 Officially launched on major platforms .

Watching, some netizens found that Xu Qing, who originally starred three times, was changed into another actor , Moreover, the film official blog and posters have not seen Xu Qing's figure .

before , In the official notice , Born with a pair of pear vortices, Xu Qing is quite recognizable .

With things fermenting , There are more and more discussions about Xu Qing on the Internet , Some netizens even wrote that Xu Qing was suspected of being blocked .

This is a hot discussion , Xu Qing studio officially sent a document to respond to , The studio showed a video of Xu qingzhai at home , And wrote :“Summer No matter , Epidemic prevention , Take care ”.

From the essay of Xu Qing's studio , At present, Xu Qing himself should be in home isolation , Not as rumored on the Internet .

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Two 、 Xu Qing introduction

xu ,1969 year 1 month 22 Sunrise in Beijing , In mainland China Movies actress ,1988 Admitted to the undergraduate class of the performance Department of Beijing Film Academy .

1990 year , Starring in the film directed by Chen Kaige 《 Walk and sing 》;

1991 year , Starring in the works directed by Ling Zifeng 《 crazy 》;

1994 year , starring 《 Sunrise in the East and rain in the West 》;

1995 year , Jiang Wen 、 Ge you co starred in the film 《 Qin song 》;

2001 year , stay Martial arts Drama, 《 A proud smile Rivers and lakes 》 Play the role of Ren Yingying in ;

2007 year , Go to the United States to study film and television production ;

2009 year , stay 《 founding 》 As Soong Ching Ling , And won the popular film Hundred Flowers Award and the best supporting actress award of Macao International Film Festival ;

2012 year , In Hollywood movies 《 Circular messenger 》;

2013 year , Participate in Lai Shengchuan's drama 《 Like a dream 》 Asia Tour , Won the Huading Award for best actress in drama .

The above is about Xu Qing studio's denial of being blocked , I hope that's helpful . For more information, please pay attention to : Encyclopedia topics

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