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The associated skin of "glory of the king" announced a price rise, and the associated skin quality was upgraded

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Glory of Kings The accompanying leather announced a rise in price ? The associated skin has always been 288 point , But recently, after the official announcement of the glory of the king hero The associated skin is The brave Level , That is, the price has increased , Many partners are very concerned about this matter , The following brings you relevant contents , Let's see .

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The king's glory associated skin announced a rise in prices

One 、 Scanning

There has always been a new hero online 288 Companion hides are in the latest issue of “ Old Arthur answered ” Announced the cancellation of , Instead, the quality of raw leather is upgraded , Become a brave character , That is, the price increase becomes 6 Yuan brave skin , First week 6 element , Former 28 A skin fragment , Also became 48 Fragment exchange .

Two 、 The detailed content

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The above is the whole content of the price increase announced by the skin associated with the glory of the king , I hope that's helpful .

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