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Microblog hot search ranking today 5.14 microblog hot search ranking today event may 14

2022-05-15 00:56:13Ranger hand tour introduction

Microblog hot search ranking today 5.14. Microblogging hot search list will actually show hot and new things , So what's on the hot search list today ? Interested players, let's take a look at today's microblog hot search list 5 month 14 Day list .

 Ranger. Com 1

Microblog hot search ranking today 5.14

One 、 Hot search list

 Ranger. Com 2

Two 、 Detailed introduction  

Chen Yufei

2022 The Uber Cup badminton For the team finals , China against South Korea . The first singles match between the two teams , Chen Yufei faces an Xiying , The two sides played three games , Chen Yufei fought with injuries , With 17-21、21-15 and 22-20 Implement reverse , The decisive game recovers 3 Two sites , Score one point for the Chinese team .

Desired life boring

Yearning for life is by Hunan Satellite TV 、 Jointly launched by Zhejiang Hexin media Life service Documentary program

Will Liu

Follow Liu Jianhong to exercise

Chongqing has a sudden heavy snow in May

This morning, , The altitude of Chongqing Chengkou is 2300 There are snowflakes in huanganba scenic area more than meters away . The whole scenic area is covered in silver and plain , The temperature plummeted , The lowest temperature in the scenic spot is close to zero , The scenic spot opens again “ Winter mode ”. According to the records of the local meteorological department , In recent years, the weather with snowfall after the beginning of summer has also occurred from time to time .

Crayfish per kilogram fell below 10 element

“4-6 money ( Unit of measurement ,1 money =5g) The crayfish of ,4 At the beginning of the month , Shops nearby still sell 70 element 2 Jin , Recently become 75 element 3 Jin .” A resident living in Fengtai, Beijing, said . Compared with these offline supermarkets , On e-commerce platform , Some fresh crayfish sell for less .

The rubble on the construction site fell out 50 Heavy boa constrictor

In recent days, , Dongguan, Guangdong , The rubble pile on the construction site startled a 4 Meters long 、50 A boa constrictor weighing more than five kilograms , The workers were so frightened that they called the police for help . Firefighters rushed to , It's also a surprise to face this big guy , Several firefighters came up quietly , Control the head and tail of the python while it is unprepared , Pull it out of the pile of stones . Finally, I found a big bag , Three layers inside and three layers outside are wrapped tightly and taken to the mountain forest for release .

The above is about the ranking of microblog hot search list today 5.14 It's all about , I hope it can help you , For more game related content, you players can pay attention to the Ranger hand tour , Will always bring mobile game strategies to all players !

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