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Original God where to buy Pepper and where to buy Pepper

2022-05-15 00:56:24Ranger hand tour introduction

Protogod Where can I buy pepper ? Pepper is a scarce resource in the game , Many friends want to know where to buy Pepper , The following Xiaobian brings you the place to buy Pepper , Come and have a look at it .

 Ranger. Com 1

Where can I buy the original God pepper

Pepper is bought in Mond city .

Come to Mond city , Find Monde's department store , Then talk to Blanche

 Ranger. Com 2

Then select... From the options 【 What do you sell here 】

 Ranger. Com 3

Then choose pepper , You can buy .

The price of pepper is 80.

 Ranger. Com 4

The above is all about where I bought the original God pepper brought by Xiaobian , I hope that's helpful .

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