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Wolongyin 2: what are the state capitals of wolongyin 2

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Crouching dragon chant 2 What are the influential state capitals ? Crouching dragon chant 2 It's going online soon , Many friends don't know what the power states have , The big forces in the game are divided into Wei, Shu and Wu three countries , It is divided into 7 Different state capitals , Now I will bring you wolongyin 2 Introduction to the powerful state capital , Let's have a look if you are interested .

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Crouching dragon chant 2 Introduction to the powerful state capital

Power state capital

If the power of the whole game world is divided into three countries , Well, the internal of these three major forces , It is divided into 7 Different state capitals , They are Sili 、 liangzhou , Yizhou 、 Yuzhou 、 yangzhou 、 Qingzhou and Jizhou .

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among , The closer the location is to the state capital of Luoyang , The higher the resource level , There are more good resources , But at the same time, the higher the level of monsters .

1、 The county 、 prefectures and counties 、 state capital 、 Imperial Capital

There are many city buildings on the map , But according to the size of the area , As well as some history The elegance of , Also according to the county seat 、 prefectures and counties 、 The state capital and the imperial capital classify them .

When an army wants to occupy these cities , The higher the level, the more difficult it is to occupy the city , But the rewards will be better after the occupation .

and , In the crouching dragon chant 2 in , The city you occupy is large , It means that the more members of your Legion can move into the city and be protected .

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2、 pass

The pass is usually an important landmark connecting the States on the land . After only one army group occupied the pass , Can you build or expand your sphere of influence in the map behind the pass , And gradually move closer to Luoyang .

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3、 wharf

If the pass is an important landmark connecting states from the land , Then the wharf is an important landmark connecting the States from the water ! Like a pass , Only occupied the ferry , The Legion is qualified to develop and expand its own power in another state with more abundant resources .

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For every faction , Your ultimate goal , Is to take Luoyang City in the center .

The above is wolongyin 2 All the contents introduced by the powerful state capital , Hope to help you players . For more game related content, you players can pay attention to the Ranger hand tour , Will always bring mobile game strategies to all players .

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