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"Original God" key pattern submission location where is the key pattern submitted

2022-06-24 02:52:18Ranger hand tour introduction

Protogod 2.4 The version opens the exploration of the new map yuanxiagong , In yuanxia palace 、 Five different key patterns can be obtained from the exploration of the map , Many friends don't know where to submit all the keyprints after collecting them , Let's take a look at the submission position of the KEYPRINT .

 Ranger. Com 1

KEYPRINT submission point complete

It is recommended to collect all the key patterns of the yuan Xia Palace first 59 individual , Gathering all the key patterns will unlock a hidden achievement [ One key, one lock ].

 Ranger. Com 2

1. The world mission Xu boliong laments three points

2. Two places in the narrow street

3. Big sun Yuyu three places

4. Chang Ye Ling Temple is everywhere

5. Six places in the heart of the snake

6. Dragon lizard Research Institute

After collecting all the keyprints, you can go to the submission point to submit the keyprints , Submission point location as follows

 Ranger. Com 3

The monster The tag represents the KEYPRINT submitted in the world task , Flag marks represent other points .

The above is the content of submitting the full point position of the key pattern of yuanxia palace , I hope that's helpful .

Introduction to the original God game

On a continent where seven elements meet ——「 Tivat 」, Everyone can be a God . You drifted from outside the world , Come to the earth . In this vast world , You travel freely 、 Make friends 、 Look for the seven gods who control the elements of the earth , Until reunited with separated blood relatives , Witness the precipitation of all the journey at the end . The sustainer is dying , The creator has not yet come . In the face of uncontrollable situations , Human beings always sigh about their own weakness …… But at the steepest turning point in life , If the desire of mortals reaches the extreme , The vision of the gods will be projected down . When the separated Gemini reunite in the dust 、 The answer to the world is 「 Eye of God 」 When all of them appear —— The traveler , Where are you going ?

《 Protogod 》 By MIHA Tour A new open world adventure developed by ourselves RPG. You will explore a game called 「 Tivat 」 The fantasy world of .

In this vast world , You can travel all over the seven countries , Encounter different personalities 、 A companion with unique abilities , Against a strong enemy with them , Set foot on the road to find blood relatives ; You can also roam without a destination , Immersed in a world full of life , Let curiosity drive you to discover the mysteries of every corner ……

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