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Comparison and change of characters' drawing in "flame heraldry matchless wind, flower and snow moon"

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《 The flame coat of arms is incomparable 》 Inherited the original world and characters , It tells a new story that also happened on the land of fudola . The plot timeline is almost the same as the original , It's just that the player has to play a different role from the original —— Mercenary “ Shetz ”, So what are the changes in the drawing of each character in this work compared with the original work ? Let's have a look 《 The flame coat of arms is incomparable 》 Compare the characters ~

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《 The fire pattern is matchless 》 The protagonist is a mercenary “ Shetz ”,1179 Was defeated by what was called “ Grey devil ” The original protagonist of “ Beret / Bereth ”( Son of Gerald / Woman ,1180 In, he became calcu · A teacher at Sergeant Marcus school ), I started wandering and practicing in various places for the sake of my former shame .

One day, shetz met a sergeant school student who was chased by thieves ( Adelgart 、 Dimitri 、 Kurod ), So the story begins , The timeline is probably 1179 Year to 1185 About years ago .

Imperial calendar 1179 The year is the year when the first part of the original work began (1162 Phildinant was born in 17 year ). From the perspective of vertical drawing alone , This painting is better than 1179 The image of the year is more mature ( However, the drawing used by the characters in the previous chapters of this work is still the drawing used in the first part of the original work ), From this point of view, this work may also have a certain time span like the original work , It is possible to use the relatively mature vertical drawing published before in the second part ( Probably 1184 year ~1185 About years ago ?).

Get down to business , The following is a compilation of the original work and the drawings of the characters in this work , According to the first part of the original → Original part II (5 After year )→ In an unparalleled order .


The first is the unchanging protagonist ( People ).

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The Empire of adelastea

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Fajas holy Kingdom

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Alliance of the princes of lesta

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Grey Wolf

(ヾ(◍°∇°◍)ノ゙ Before, I was worried about the name of HA PI …… I can finally let go of this painting )

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