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An analysis of the story of "tribe and machete" a one week Tour

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《 Tribes and machetes 》 Mobile games are PC The integrity of the end is always , So what is the plot of this work ? Please see below by “Magisk Dag” It brings 《 Tribes and machetes 》 Mobile game one week program plot analysis , Let's see .

The background of the story , A thousand years ago , There are fire demons and humans living in the mainland , Because the food of fire demon people needs to contain magic , And there are people with a lot of magic in human beings ( A wizard ), Some fire demons began to prey on wizards , But fire demon people also eat ordinary people , The bicommunal dispute began .

At the same time , A young river goddess was born in a village , Because it carries a lot of magic , The river goddess was excluded by some people in the village , Even being chosen as a tribute to the fire demon , Then she tried to escape , Hiding on the Bank of the village .( At this time, the young river goddess was disgusted with human beings )

Then I was scared by the young river goddess who was the first man in the story we saw , Slip into the river , When the heart is in despair , Negative emotions expand , Met the black fire , Became the first emissary .

Male leader's second soul piercing , At this time, the goddess of the river had the ability given by the black fire - Time , The human tribe began to revolt with the goddess , The bicommunal war broke out violently , The merits of the goddess also began to be sung .

But this time the protagonist came across a harmless female fire demon , She held a young fire demon , Ask the protagonist what food he wants to feed his children , The protagonist thinks that the fire devil takes human wizards as his staple food , I want to make food with my own blood , But she was rejected by the female fire devil , Chose the glowing mushroom with weak magic nearby .

thus it can be seen , The fire demon tribe has a small number of peace loving fire demons , You can live without eating people , At the same time, the female fire devil asked the protagonist to name her child —— Elsius . Later, after the tribe was exiled by the river goddess , Elsius was looking for a way out , Became the second messenger of the black fire , Affect the future main line .

The third soul piercing , Meet the river goddess and exile the fire demon , But the goddess saw through the essence of the two races , Want to exile human beings , Unexpectedly, he was stopped by the male master who came through the soul , The goddess told the man that she had seen thousands of endings in the future before meeting him , All sent ( That is, the war between human tribes , The human fire demon war led to the final destruction of the world ).

However, the goddess met the male Lord , Found the turning point of the story , So he sent the man back , At the same time, we will pass on our strength to the next generation .

I'll interrupt here first , Start the main plot .

The male leader meets Yinshan , Feel familiar , But I can't say , After a series of mainlines ( Too lazy , Let's get to know each other ), The male Lord learned that Yin Shan was the descendant of the river goddess , Have the same power of time as the goddess ( At the same time, Yin Shan also exists as a black fire messenger ), With the efforts of Yinshan , The male Lord and Yin Fei have been reincarnated for ten generations ( Fought with the fire devil for ten times , Failed for ten generations ), Until this life , Find a solution to the problem , Talk to Lord Huomo about peace .

 Wandering star

 Wandering star

So after a series of main lines , Male Lord and Yin Shan find Huoling, the operator behind the fire Demon Lord ( This is also a miserable man , About the plot, you run the branch line by yourself , I don't know how to play , How many of those selected by the black fire have negative emotions , Including elsius , After witnessing the exile of his tribe to a world that could collapse at any time , The mood has also changed ), Then with the help of elsius and Yinshan , The male leader defeated Huo Ling .

Unexpectedly, Huo Ling has the help of black fire power , Never die , The backhand was taken away by the relaxed elsius , When Huoling is proud , I'm going to attack the man and Yin Shan , But was stabbed by black fire ( Black fire wants to recover its power , Kill the messenger ) Die .

At the same time, the black fire plans to recover the power of Yinfei , The protagonist clashes with the black fire , As a result, heihuo made another sneak attack , In order to save the protagonist, Yin Shan sent her soul to a thousand years ago .

So let's go back to the previous content , The protagonist goes through three soul penetrations , It was finally sent back by the river goddess , It also has the power of time ( It is said by the river goddess that it is the second connection with Yinshan besides blood , It is speculated that the ability given by the goddess of the river , This is why the protagonist can also follow the reincarnation of the tenth generation or the protagonist ), At the same time, the protagonist reorganizes the army .

Then the protagonist let the fire demon lord ( Now it has been washed white , Signed a non aggression treaty with Yin Shan ) Guard the human world , I came to the broken world of heihuo noumenon with Yincui , And exposed a series of truths ( There are no spoilers here ) after , Defeated the black fire , The world began to crumble .

Death from black fire , Loss of messenger ability , Yinshan's short emo For a moment , Think of yourself as a human wizard , Send the protagonist back with the power of a wizard , About the final outcome of Yinshan , I haven't explained for a week , Wait for me to hammer my eyes .

This is the end of the week , If you don't understand, you can have a look a The main thread of the dream , It is similar to this work , Because of nobishu , More a Dream crossing now helps Nobita , And because he helped Da Xiong , Only then did Shixiu meet many people a dream .

The whole is a logical time closed loop , The game and the plot are really great ( Just optimize the problem of Caton and the sense of attack ).

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