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Ling baby, the champion singer of the weekly contest of Netease CC live music Yuetai: sounds of nature

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   I want my song to be heard by more people , This is a singer - spirit baby The reason for joining Yinyue platform . She said interest is her best teacher , She has no major in music , But deeply into the hearts of the audience . a 《 How lucky 》 It reflects her incomparably beautiful state of mind now , And she is so beautiful and confident , It always gives people a very real feeling . Exclusive interview with the champion of Yinyue TV station in this issue , Let's get to know the sound of nature — singer - spirit baby.

   Personal issues

  1、 spirit baby What kind of person you are in life ?

   In fact, I am a social terrorist in my life , Not very sociable , Basically, I don't like going out , I like staying at home

  2、 spirit baby The name is so special , Is there any source ?

   Nothing special , The name is used 7、8 Years.

  3、 Besides live broadcasting and music , What else do you like to do ?

   I still like playing games

  4、 Can you use a song to represent yourself now ?

   use 《 How lucky 》 To represent the , Because I met good friends and fans

  5、 Use three adjectives to describe yourself , What words can you use ?

   good-looking ! good-looking ! It's beautiful !!!

   Music related issues :

  1、 You sing really well , When did you begin to contact music ?

   I have been in music interest class since primary school , High school and junior high school are representatives of music class , What activities and festivals , The teacher asked me to go alone Ha ha ha ha

  2、 What kind of songs do you like to listen to ?

   There are too many pop songs , You can also listen to explosive songs

  3、 Why choose the path of music ?

   Because I like it , I like singing since I was a child , So work must be related to music

  4、 Did anything interesting happen in the process of learning music ?

   I haven't studied music professionally , Just because I like , Interest is your best teacher

  5、 My favorite singer and one of my favorite songs is ?

   like Jay, Love him most 《 The trajectory 》

   Problems related to Yinyue station

  1、 Why did you choose to join the Yinyue stage , What attracts you ?

   Maybe it's because there are so many people , I want my song to be heard by more people

  2、 At first, I thought I must win the championship ?

   Of course. ! You must win the championship in the competition

  3、 In the course of the game , How to relieve the pressure ?

   Generally, there is no pressure , More nervous

  4、 What do you think is the biggest gain from participating in Yinyue platform ?

   The harvest is to ease your live broadcast mentality , Maybe the environment affected me , Where there are many people , I will play it better .

   Anchor related questions

  1、 Why did you choose to be an anchor ? Can you share with us your story of becoming an anchor ?

   I started from 18 I started to be an anchor in , I still feel that I am the most suitable to be an anchor , Maybe it's my character , I am a social ox on the Internet

  2、 After winning the champion anchor of Yinyue station , What are the next goals and plans ?

   Keep trying , Try to win the championship every time

  3、 Please use one sentence to attract everyone to watch your live broadcast !

   If you like singing well , A nice looking beauty , Then come and see me , You won't be disappointed !

   From hobbies to champion anchor , Such a confident, beautiful and true singer - spirit baby, It deserves more people's love and attention , Let's accompany the singer - spirit baby Go down together , Support her, who shines brightly in Yinyue platform , Continue to live your true self .

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