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New Zhuxian X "White Snake: Origin" dream linkage starts! New plot waiting for you to experience

2022-06-24 04:18:17Ranger information

   It's fate to have three lives , Emotion moves the seventh generation . new 《 , 》 Mobile game new version 6 month 30 Day of launch , Limited time linkage Guoman film 《 White Snake : origin 》, The same fashion of the protagonist 、 Array spirit 、 Magic weapon 、 Pets and other linked props are launched at the same time .

  【 New plot waiting for you to experience 】

   In the new version ,《 White Snake : origin 》 Xiaobai and Xiaoqing in cross to the new 《 , 》 Mobile games , The player and Xiaoqing never get to know each other , Go to help the White Snake and the green snake sisters find their benefactor in their previous lives , And whether it can be found finally depends on the player's own choice .

   As the plot progresses , Players will also get the limited props given by the two men , meanwhile , The same fashion as the movie 、 Lantern pets 、 Spirit of white snake green snake array 、 Limited props such as fox face accessories , Will also be on stage within a limited time .

  【 new BOSS Visit Tianxu 】

   presumably , stay 《 White Snake : origin 》 in , Everyone must still remember the role of the leader of Baoqing workshop . In the movie , The owner of Baoqing workshop is a double faced Nine Tailed Fox , Have dual character and appearance , Can freely shuttle through human society and Shura world .

   In this version , The owner of Baoqing workshop also shuttled to the new 《 , 》 Mobile Games , As the brand-new of the nine palaces of Tianxu BOSS On stage . This time, the replica scenario —— Fortune seeking Workshop , It is also designed with reference to baoqingfang in the film , Players will also be rewarded with limited accessories related to the owner of Baoqing workshop after passing the customs .

   Do you still remember the classic lines of the owner of Baoqing Workshop ?“ Young people , I want , Did you give it ?” that , This time in New 《 , 》 In the world of hand travel , Are you ready to face this new powerful enemy ?

  【 The new ghost king is stronger 】

   As the first generation of tank class in the game , The ghost king has always been loved by many players , Especially the dress of a black suit and a big knife , What's more, it has a strong cool color of treacherous Shura .

   However , With the advent of more and more new careers , As the first big brother, the ghost king has gradually faded out of the players' vision . This time, , In the new version of the game, the ghost King profession has been thoroughly and comprehensively optimized , Let the strength of the ghost king be greatly enhanced , Bring players a more exciting and cool fighting experience .

  6 month 30 Japan , Coming soon 《 , 》 Mobile Games , This classic love that has passed through thousands of years and the limited summer gift are waiting for you to open !

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