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Today's live broadcast of the anniversary party of "dream new kill immortal" opens the dream making ceremony

2022-06-24 04:18:32Ranger information

   Long lamp shines in the world , Turn new . The first anniversary party of dream new Zhuxian opened today , The dream making ceremony is scheduled 6 month 23 Friday night 8 spot ! Wonderful programs are shown one after another 、 Raffle welfare carnival , The virtual image of the chief strategist Zhiyu was revealed for the first time , The mysterious spirit beast stirred the audience ! Meet you at Daping, Heyang city market , Annual contribution 、 There were many surprises !

  【 Wonderful programs to celebrate the anniversary Welfare lottery celebration feast 】

   Celebrate your birthday tonight , Good, the gift will not stop ! Xianmeng has prepared eight wandering programs to be staged in turn , The dream will kill the emperor coser Day regiment 、 Mengzhu Development Group 、 Warm hearted friends 、 Together, the fairy friends' female group brings a happy feast to the Taoist friends , There is also a relaxing moment in the process of unifying Assam milk tea trickery .

   At the end of each round of the program, there will be a lucky draw that Taoist friends are most looking forward to , Thousands of props were scattered throughout the audience , An unprecedented rate of outrage , Shake light treasure chain 、 Advanced Mantra 、 Tiandi Qiongjiang and other excellent gifts are waiting for you at the party !

Dream making ceremony program list

  【 Heyang long lamp to be returned The chief strategist knew that the fish would put the strong stuff 】

   The lights of Heyang city are bright , Waiting for my old friend to return . The limited emissary of the anniversary celebration that stands out in the fashion ceremony selection will stand in front of the market screen to meet the Taoist friends . In addition to the dazzling performances , The main idea is to know that the virtual image of fish is on the stage for the first time , The mysterious spirit beast came to watch the night , Waiting for you to witness the new round !

   The new sect ghost road comes to the vast land of China 、 Immortal Xia eats chicken. The round is boundless 、 Handed down treasures are limited to unpacking 、 The operation interface is completely innovated , Anniversary version “ Big action ” Dream making ceremony !

  【 Plan to meet all friends There is no limit on the silver medal pool 】

   The planning team has assembled , After the party, there will be a dream making ceremony ! The chief planner will lead the planners to use the ghost King tonight 、 burn incense 、 Changsheng's three sects with the highest votes go to war .

   Taoist friends really cast a good vote , I don't know that one physics, one legal system, and one longevity that can't catch one speed , How should the planners face it ~

Thump and plan to get welfare

   Taoist friends won thousands of silver coins by defeating the planning team , The whole people have a share , The uncapped ! Take benefits , Hammer planning ! Those who successfully challenge the planning will also get “ Violent beating planning ” The time limited Title commemorates the highlight moment !

  【 Feedback activities go hand in hand I'm glad to meet you in China 】

   China has love , Nice to meet you ! Thank you for your support in the past year , Don't miss the sign in and feedback activities of the dream making ceremony !「 Welfare topic of the anniversary dream making ceremony 」 All benefits have been unlocked , Taoist friends who participate in the assistance can obtain a large number of cultivation props at random 、 Custom fashion mount 、 There is also a chance to draw the highly popular beast Yinhu !

Special activities of dream making ceremony

   Go to the topic page to participate in the guessing and planning of the team's failed games , Win the best character award at the dream making ceremony , If you guess the result of the game, you will get the title of limited time “ prophet ”!

   Annual contribution , Dream making ceremony . The game inland river Yang market is about to open ,《 Dream new kill immortal 》 Official website 、 Fighting fish 、 Tiger tooth 、 Tiktok 、 Well quickly 、 The whole network live broadcast of wechat video will also be held tonight 8 Point synchronization on . An anniversary party , Witness the rebirth of the round !

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