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"Party star" new season "mystery man T" wins the grand prize by participating in the reward solving activities

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   The new version went online only one day , A power outage that covered the whole city occurred in the game . Who is responsible for all this ? Behind the event , What more incredible story ?

  6 month 23 Japan , The first casual fighting game 《 Party star 》(Flash Party) Ushered in the arrival of a new version . Power failure event occurs , Power failure accidents and a series of detected events are launched simultaneously ; The new season begins 、 New hero Derek appears ; besides , And a new line of skin “ Star detective ”、 New play “ Starlight turntable ” As well as a large number of updated content such as the optimization of role combat mechanism . Let's see what changes have taken place in this new edition !

   The new season goes online , Mysterious big events occur !

   With the arrival of the new season ,“ Metropolitan power outage ” happen . In the game “ The metropolitan ” The city fell into darkness , And a series of corresponding ARG The puzzle solving activity will also be started .

  ARG( Parallel reality puzzle game ), That is, taking the real world as the platform , Integrate various virtual game elements , A multimedia interactive game that allows players to personally participate in role playing . Inside and outside the game , Players will find that the staff is included 、 Spiral galaxy puzzle 、 A series of clues such as symbols and passwords . Who can find the key to solve the puzzle from the clues and complete the task as soon as possible ? Who can be behind all this , Find out the mysterious man T The true identity of ?

   Participate in the puzzle solving , I.e. have the opportunity to obtain, including PS5、 Rich rewards including mechanical keyboard . But please note : This puzzle is not solved by one person , Make concerted efforts with the little friends around you 、 Communicate more , To solve the problem . In case of difficulties , You can join the puzzle solving group , Together with many puzzle solving enthusiasts, we can overcome difficulties .

   The new hero Derek made a shocking debut

  “ Every reward is offered , All must be finished neatly !” In this metropolitan power outage , Derek, the new hero bounty hunter, will make an amazing appearance . This time, , He will be with his star detective team , Become our right-hand man , Find the truth from the clues , Make the metropolis bright again .

   Derek is a detective with a great sense of humor , Its fighting style is also unique . His weapons are like a gel cleaning gun 、 Lizards sweep mines 、 Mechanical vacuum cleaners will definitely open your eyes , The first 4 The unique fighting mechanism, such as firing bullets, has widened its fighting methods . After the new hero goes online , I think there will be a bloodbath in the match , Players should think about it , How to use / Restrain the new detective .

   New series skin 【 Star detective team 】 go online

   In this power outage , Derek wasn't alone , And the star detective team with him .5 Agent 、 Sandbag boy 、 Snow monster …… These old faces we are familiar with will be introduced —— This time, , They also brought a new look , Gentleman detective 、 Yuppie detective 、 Trend surveyor 、 Sallock and many other detective themed skins with their own characteristics are for you to choose ; Besides , Athena's skin “ The goddess of war ” Will also appear in the new season , You can get it for free when you reach the golden rank . The power of the goddess , May you be invincible in the battle .

   After this update , There will also be a magic turntable gathering starlight in the game . You can get star God coins through weekly activities or purchases , Use the star coin to get the star prize 、 Exchange for a specific personalized look —— If you win all the star prizes , All remaining turntable rewards will be given directly for free !

   Hero mechanism optimization 、 A new mechanism is on the scene

   Different from traditional fighting games ,《 Party star 》 It's a model with “ Blow your opponent away ” A game of goals . It replaces the original blood bar of the fighting game with hit value , And with a rocker 、 Common attack 、 The operation mode composed of skills and jumps has replaced the complex combo table , Players only need to focus on accumulating the opponent's hit points , If the opponent can't return, he can win .

   And after this update , A large number of roles have been adjusted 、 Optimize , Their common purpose is to optimize the player's experience , Realize the relative balance between roles . Like snow monster 、5 Special agent No. 1 and other heroes have improved some weak points ; And the great magician 、 Some heroes with high skill gains, such as makaron, will also make appropriate adjustments , Make the whole play more healthy .

   In addition to the changing balance of a single hero , Applicable to all heroes “ Push shield ”“ Kill each other ” And other new mechanisms will also be launched . The former will provide a better safe distance for the attack , The latter will increase the player's control over the attack . These changes undoubtedly increase the player's operation limit and strategy depth , So that players can better explore the role of combat skills . And more mechanisms adjust the content , Please also refer to the official announcement .

   At present, the activity has been launched , Join in 《 Party star 》 Detective Corps , Work with Derek to solve the truth , More abundant rewards are waiting for you to take !

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