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The first anniversary of nine affectionate brands joining hands with "dream new kill immortals"

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  《 Dream new kill immortal 》 On the eve of the first anniversary celebration , Join hands with the nine national brands , I have been with you for a long time ! They have accompanied us all the way through the long years with their vigorous vitality and influence ,《 Dream new kill immortal 》 Stay with you for a year , We hold on to “ Relaxed and cheerful , Love in youth ” At first , I hope to bring you a land of love , I also hope to be with you forever , There are dreams and you , You make a dream .

  【 National brands cooperate with national brands IP】

   national IP《 Dream new kill immortal 》 Join hands with the nine classic national brands to participate in the grand ceremony ! This anniversary , We and the famous bull socket in all walks of life 、 Shanghai permanent bicycle 、 Come back 、 EBO watch 、 Peach and plum bread 、 Nanfu 、 Long long ya 、 Luzhou Lao Jiao 、 Midea has brought about a dream linkage . Taste the extraordinary ingenuity in ordinary life , Inherit the classics with Taoist friends , For many years .

Xinmengzhu joins hands with the nine national brands

  【 The nine brands help to keep a long-term relationship 】

   One of the four big countries 「 EBO watch 」 Will work with 《 Dream new kill immortal 》 Company all the way , How long does it take , How long I dream with you !30 Years of craftsmanship in tabulation , Condense the passing time into eternal art , Let this sincerity and delicacy travel through time and space !

Dream new kill immortal × EBO watch

   Cultivating immortals is not afraid of difficulties , just 「 Nanfu 」 Energy gathering ring ! Nanfu always adheres to product and scientific and technological innovation , Transmit infinite energy with the potential of lightning , Store electricity for you , A good dream should last forever .

Dream new kill immortal × Nanfu

  「 Luzhou Lao Jiao 」 Gather three circles of wine friends , Bring about a dream like wine ! Let the profound wine culture be handed down from generation to generation , The strong fragrance will last forever , You can drink freely .

Dream new kill immortal × Luzhou Lao Jiao

   The vast land of China can be more beautiful , Your life can be more 「 beauty 」! The number one home appliance brand that takes into account both intelligence and innovation , Let your friends enjoy the game and the world of life .

Dream new kill immortal × beauty

   We have all dreamed of flying with the sword , In life you can choose 「 Shanghai permanent bicycle 」, A journey with you , A dream lasts forever . With permanent historical and cultural accumulation , Not afraid of the fairy road !

Dream new kill immortal × Permanent bicycle

   Xiao Fan is guarded by Biyao , Give it to you 「 Bull socket 」 To guard ! In the eyes of elders “ Use a good socket ”, Guard your safety , Let your friends be free , Play the best !

Dream new kill immortal × Bull socket

   Eat while playing ! Snacks are certainly a choice and 《 Dream new kill immortal 》 It will also make you addicted 「 Long long ya 」.30 The legendary formula of the year shows ingenuity , It tastes hot 、 It smells delicious , Which Taoist friend can resist the challenge ?

Dream new kill immortal × Long long ya

   The beginning of my mind has lasted for a hundred years , Always accompany with dreams . Time honored sports brand 「 Come back 」, Breaking the traditional boundaries with the new national tide . Not only in the game world to be free and fearless , What's more, you should enjoy your sports life !

Dream new kill immortal × Come back

   I'm tired of the big and small elixirs ?「 Peach and plum bread 」 Sweet dreams with you ! Small bread also has the power to rejuvenate people , Take it on the journey of cultivating immortals , Relish the classic aftertaste of childhood .

Dream new kill immortal × Peaches and plums

  【 Welfare gifts keep celebrating the anniversary 】

   The sun and the moon are new in China , Old friends ask for love .《 Dream new kill immortal 》 The anniversary celebration is about to begin , Nine brand partners appear together , Inherit the national brand spirit . At the same time, it also brings rich gifts for Taoist friends , Participate in @ Dream new immortal hand tour Microblog lottery , That is, there is an opportunity to bring a variety of brand gifts into the bag !

A good gift for the anniversary of nine brands

   Does such a rich welfare make my friends excited ? True feelings are linked , Long-term love accompanies , Always support... Just to thank you 《 Dream new kill immortal 》 you !

   Tonight? 8 Point to the dream making ceremony , Give Way 《 Dream new kill immortal 》 Together with the nine national brands , Accompany you year after year .6 month 24 Japan , Invite you to share 《 Dream new kill immortal 》 First anniversary celebration .

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