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Ant manor occupational disease office sedentary people

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office room “ The sedentary ” Easy to have cervical spondylosis and mouse hand , Which is an occupational disease ? Ant Manor 6 month 24 The latest answer , This is the ant manor in Alipay. 6 month 24 Day class problems , If you answer correctly, you can get a 180g Baby chicken Feed as a reward . So do you know what is the correct answer of ant manor today ? Next, let's learn about ant manor 6 month 24 Right answer !

Ant Manor 6 month 24 Today's answer

1. The office “ The sedentary ” Easy to have cervical spondylosis and mouse hand , Which is an occupational disease

Are not

Cervical spondylopathy

2. right key : Are not

 Ranger. Com 1

3. Analysis of the answer :

Occupational disease refers to the occupational disease , Due to exposure to dust 、 Radioactive substances and other toxic substances 、 Diseases caused by harmful factors .

“ Mouse hand ” Also called “ Carpal tunnel syndrome ”, It refers to the median nerve of the human body and the blood vessels entering the hand , Symptoms of compression at the carpal tunnel , It mainly causes stiffness and pain of the index finger and middle finger 、 Numbness and weakness of thumb muscles .

Cervical spondylosis refers to the deformation of cervical spinal canal or intervertebral foramen caused by cervical degenerative diseases 、 Narrow , , in turn, stimulate 、 Compression to the cervical spinal cord 、 nerve root , Diseases that cause corresponding clinical symptoms .

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