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Goya's playing skills group introduction

2022-07-20 10:50:27Games 369

Goya yes Glory of Kings New people in , Target the shooter , With output and position movement , And it will also have a comprehensive skill mechanism .

Goya skill introduction

The first 1 One is the passive skill drift shot , It can effectively achieve the effect of driving sand boats . Will have 10% The extra effect of , But the sand boat will also have additional braking deceleration time and starting acceleration .

The first 2 The first effect is single point general attack and three consecutive attacks , Short press another normal attack , Then it will shoot three arrows in a row , Every arrow has 20% Magic ball damage .

The first 3 The first effect is the continuous shooting after long pressing the ordinary attack , In shooting the first 6 Release the general attack after times , You will get a powerful shot , At the same time, you can also get Ejection Acceleration .

Outstanding ability of actual combat experience

Have strong pursuit ability

The first 1 The ability to accelerate ejection can directly pursue the enemy , Then you can long press normal attack , Then shoot continuously , At output 6 You can get an ejection after times , Then you can cross the tower to kill the whole body and retreat .

Passive self-contained 10% The movement speed of , After matching Summoner skills, you can have excellent mobility .

Excellent output function

Continuous moves can be used in medium distance operations , It will also be used in long-distance operations 31AA combo , Use three skills to slow down the enemy . The combo is very simple , Players only need to control their own positioning , Naturally, the operation can be completed .

Excellent opening ability

In this version , In addition to Hou Yi's great moves , Other shooters are not particularly good at starting the team first . The big trick will have a large range of traction , And the deceleration effect , This makes it possible for many heroes to have a more prominent ability of long-range group opening , In the process of group warfare, we can effectively control the enemy , And it can also reduce the physical attack of the other party , It's easy to push back the enemy .

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