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Li Yuanfang's teaching strategy, no one can stop the violent harvest

2022-07-21 03:02:54Games 369

Li Yuanfang is a very flexible and explosive shooter , You can also play extra damage when facing wild monsters , He is a shooter who is more suitable for playing wild . Whether playing wild or shooting , Are relatively strong , It's a good choice for flying buddies .

You can choose high-speed boots for dressing 、 Pursuit of the blade 、 Endless war blade and bloody blade, etc .

In terms of inscriptions, you can choose to have the extremely fast hundred wear Rune , add 100 After physical penetration , It can effectively improve Li Yuanfang's skills , Damage gains a strong explosive ability .

Li Yuanfang's main explosive point is actually the first 1 When a skill hits the other person , It can cause better damage , It will not only have the effect of breaking armor , And it can also reduce cooling .

Li Yuanfang himself has a strong explosive force , The first 1 Skills will also have explosive effects , So even if it's residual blood, don't want to escape at this time . The first 2 Skills also have collateral damage , Great moves are very suitable for group warfare , Can help you solve problems .

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