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Gongsunli teaching strategy limit output flow

2022-07-21 03:02:59Games 369

Gongsun Li is a pretty good shooter , But it is difficult to operate , But for some old players , I think I like it more , To effectively reflect the limit of the output stream , Naturally, you should master some skills .

First of all, we should learn the first 2 Skills , So you can buy a dagger , You can hide directly in the grass , If you see people, you don't need to be afraid at all , You can fight directly . When the other party gets closer, you can try , The first 2 Skills can easily suppress each other .

In the 1 At levels , In addition to keeping the agreement for hundreds of miles , All the other characters can be singled out , Can be in an invincible state , And superimposed on 4 layer , Will also have a higher range of damage .

It's worth noting that , When using skill general attack, it will cause two different skills , So it can effectively block the opponent's general attack and the opposite level-1 hero , It's impossible to beat you . After entering the 2 When I'm in grade , You can also directly 600 If you release a large amount of blood, you can directly rob , So this kind of proficiency can also effectively improve personal operation .

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