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How to buy in advance and get in advance

2022-07-23 07:44:26Games 369

How can I buy the Rhapsody of Walnut in advance ? How can I get it ? In fact, many players are almost interested in this , Here is a detailed introduction for you .

The time when this mall went on sale was 7 month 23 The no. 12 Point to 7 month 29 Night of 11:59 branch , At the time of limited time spike , Just need 60 Point coupons .

And this skin will be in advance WeChat Games, gift wars and market listings , So it will also get everyone's attention , At the same time, we also need to understand that this skin will also be on the shelf outside the game , Time to go on the shelves outside the game , Namely 7 month 21 In the morning of 10 Point to 7 month 29 On the night of 11:59.

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