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How to play "Xenoblade Chronicles 3"?Introduction to the game of drawing a knife

2022-08-05 17:05:41Ranger Raiders

As one of the most outstanding series in JRPG, Xenoblade Chronicles has won rave reviews from many players with its vast open map, command battles full of strategic depth, magnificent and grand plot, and high-quality music.The following editor will introduce the gameplay of Xenoblade Chronicles 3, let's take a look.


Introduction to how to draw a knife

Main idea

The damage mainly comes from the third fusion combat skill of the male protagonist, Lucky Seven, whose second stage damage is higher and ignores defense. With accessories, the damage to various bosses is similar. Compared with the slam flow,This routine is more friendly to African Emirates.

Bring the floating damage-increasing accessories, play floating before the start of the alliance, and then enter the alliance with the knife drawn. In the alliance, use the fewest characters as much as possible to give the highest rating, so as to ensure that the male protagonist will return to the scene.Remember to use Slam to replenish damage on the last round.

Key points for joint selection

1. In the first round, the first choice is to open the resonance flag and hang all the buffs, and then choose the male protagonist.If you already have a buff, you can also choose the male protagonist first (but the male protagonist has a TP bonus, and then choosing True White may exceed 100%, but not vice versa).Then immediately ended the first round with Miyo, I gave her a TP+20 accessory, so the first round must be Bravo.

2. Bravo returns 2 places: Mi Yang + random one, if the male protagonist returns, use the male protagonist + Mi Yang to end the second round, the score must be Bravo; if it returns to true white, use true white + nurse + Mi Yang to end the firstIn the second round, you can basically play Amazing. Amazing will return three times, and the probability of the male protagonist is very high.

3. It can be seen that if it is not necessary, I rarely interspersed with other people in the middle of the first few rounds, because I can't do any damage, and the uncertainty of returning to the game is very large, and the male protagonist will not return.The field has no output.

4. Watch the video for the next few rounds and think for yourself.


1. All the different blades have not been strengthened. In addition, I found a better passive skill "Destroyer of Heaven and Earth", which should be able to deal higher damage. I will test it together after my liver is completely strengthened.

2. Please refer to the end of the video for the outfits. It is mainly equipped with the male protagonist's equipment, Mi Yang has accessories with TP+20, and others can match them casually.

3. The male protagonist uses the original professional sword fighter, and his passive "Hunting Famous Object" can increase the damage to the title monster and BOSS by 150%, which is very useful.

4. The hero must bring true white, and must choose the true white card in the third round (there is no way if the face is black, but the probability of coming out is very high).

5. The priority of the card selection order: milk - shield - battle, because the damage of the warrior cards can be played higher when the multipliers are stacked at the back.

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The above is all the introduction to Xenoblade Chronicles 3's sword-drawing gameplay. Those who want to know more about the strategy can continue to pay attention to the Here we will push the latest and most complete strategy for you every day, don't miss it..

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