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How much is "The Prophecy"?Game price introduction

2022-08-05 17:05:48Ranger Raiders

Prophecy is a new fantasy-style narrative card game. Recently, the official price of the game has been officially announced. This work has a standard version and a deluxe version. Here we bring you the price introduction of the Prophecy. Let's learn togetherLet's go.


Game Price Introduction

The prophecy story game the main body is priced at 68 yuan, the deluxe version is 20% off for the first week, and sale after discountThe price is 89.6 yuan, which includes the OST of Prophecy and the electronic art collection.

Game Introduction

In a messy world, a terrible curse has put it in crisis, and the end of the world is coming; the only one who can stop it is a thief named Walpayne.

The Creation Spider created many worlds, but disappeared without a trace when the world became messy, and entrusted the artifact used to create the world to her children - Mosquito Spirit.

However, will the mosquito spirits properly use this power to create the world and stabilize the world? The artifact that creates the world has the power to create and destroy many worlds, big and small.If the true purpose of mosquito spirits and cult groups is not identified, the world will forever sink into a maelstrom of chaos. 2

Prophecy is different from all games on the market. The use of cards is not only used during battles or bargaining with enemies, but the choice of cards also determines the direction of the story.For example, deciding how to infiltrate an enemy fortress, and which characters to recruit.

Prophecy is not just a card game, it represents an adventure.

The above is a brief introduction to the price and background of the Prophecy Story game. Players who like card adventure games can pay attention to this game. For more gameplay, you can go to the relevant game guide album to view.

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